Monday, September 7, 2009

Venice Film Festival 2009 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement awarded to John Lasseter and Disney-Pixar Directors

Yesterday was a day of glory for Pixar as the 66th Venice Film Festival 2009 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to John Lasseter and Disney-Pixar directors.

Exceptionally in the history of the Venice Film Festival, the award celebrates not only a single filmmaker, but also the contribution of all the directors of Pixar visionary studio.

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement - assigned by the Board of Directors of the Venice Biennale following the proposal from the Festival Director, Marco Müller - was presented to John Lasseter at a special ceremony in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema at Venice Lido in the presence of Brad Bird, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich.

But everything began with a grand entrance with red carpet and inflatable "Pixar" archs and lot of balloons. On the pictures you will notice Georges Lucas who was there to present the award to John Lasseter and Pixar Film directors.

Why Georges Lucas you ask? Well, it's time to remember that it's him who, a long time ago, created the animation studio which was bought by Steve Jobs and became the incredible Pixar Studio that we know. It is Georges who will present in a few minutes the award to John Lasseter and Pixar directors.

Here are videos shoot on the red carpet. First John Lasseter...

Then Andrew stanton...

Here is Georges Lucas...

Then it was time for some pictures at the photo call...

John also signed some autographs to Pixar fans who were there for this memorable event.

Some of them came with their own painting of Pixar characters.

During the ceremony Georges Lucas did a speech before presenting to John Lasseter and Pixar directors Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton,Brad Bird and Pete Docter the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement award. in his speech, Georges said "I think Walt would be very proud that these are the guys carrying on the family business".

John Lasseter declared in his acceptance speech: "Our goal has always been simple: to entertain our audience around the world. That’s something the studio has surely achieved so it’s no surprise that the talented team was chosen to receive this "tremendous honor."

After the Golden Lion award ceremony, it was time for a great screening of a few minutes of Toy Story 3 in 3D! Toy Story and Toy Story 2 also have their world premiere in 3D at the Venice Film Festival. Lucky Venitians!

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Wow George Lucas looks FANTASTIC!! thanks for the disney update!

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