Monday, September 7, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween new TVC more scary than ever !

Hong Kong Disneyland released yesterday the 30 seconds TV commercial for their new Halloween season and you'll see it below. As you've seen in last week previous article the commercials were filmed by Hollywood horror films director Jim Sonzero (Pulse, 2006; Biohazard 5, 2009) and this new 30" TVC is all about the "alien" ship supposedly landing in Tomorrowland during the Halloween season.

As you will see, HKDL Halloween is very far from the Mickey-not-so-scary Halloween party at WDW. Obviously chinese don't mind to have a more horrific Halloween and as i've said before Hong Kong Disneyland is the Disney park which creates each year the most interesting - and, yes, scary, Halloween themes.

I wish that other Disney parks could take some inspiration from HKDL Halloween themes - which, by the way, is the case this year at Disneyland with the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy that was introduced last year at HKDL 2007 Halloween!

Video: copyright Disney-Hong Kong Disneyland


Anonymous said...

The Honkies are very westernized that they held such well-themed and elaborate halloween events! Cool!!

Anonymous said...

C'est dingue que Disney puisse laisser faire ça, c quand meme à l'opposer des valeurs de la "marque". Ca montre bien que ce parc en Chine est vraiment n'importe quoi...

Anonymous said...

c'est parce que HKDL est le meilleur parc disney!

The Halloween Haunted meilleur de tous les parc Disney!

Anonymous said...

Je pense vraiment que HKDL est le parc le plus cheap des parcs Disney et de très loin !
Le plus beau reste Tokyo Disney Sea.

Côté Halloween c vrai que celui des chinois est pas mal mais celui Tokyo Disneyland vaut le coup d'oeil.

Anonymous said...

Je pense vraiment que WDS est le plus bas prix Disney Park. et DRP
perd encore de l'argent?