Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain EO is back at Disneyland !

Yesterday was a day of incredible excitement at Disneyland as Captain EO was back at Tomorrowland! The videos selection below will give you a pretty good idea of yesterday's atmosphere at Disneyland as hundreds of Disneyland and Michael Jackson's fans were there for the re-opening and Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter too!

Cable TVs were there to cover the event and in the first video below Tony Baxter talks about this re-opening.

The always excellent Inside the Magic also did a great interview of Tony Baxter. Tony answers of course to EO related questions but also talk about his dream to have a 3D Festival with vintage Disneyland 3D movies, and it's a very good idea!

And how was the fans excitement when gates of Tomorrowland Theater opened for the first new screening of Captain EO? Have a look at the video below to have an idea of the fans hysteria!

What did they think when they got out of the screening? Disney Parks posted yesterday a short video which will show you the "awesome" fans reactions.

Twenty-four years after its first opening on September 12, 1986, Captain Eo is back at Disneyland, and Disneyland & Michael Jackson's fans can experience again the magic created by Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and Georges Lucas. Michael, wherever you are, we salute you!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright Inside the Magic, athinamj, cazzofanlax and Disney Parks


Robert/Cologne said...

Perhaps DLP should get it back for its 20th,certainly even at it age its better than HISTA.

Anonymous said...

This show has gone full circle!
My daughter and I were at the Disneyland premier that started at midnite. The line went all the way down main street to the train station. Years later at WDI I was called into a meeting with Eisner who told us that Eo had to be replaced with a new show within a year because of Michael's "problem" with kids. That is when we came up with "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience!" and Eo went dark. Now years later its back! How about that!

Mark Hickson

Kimberly said...

I can't wait to see this when I am in Disneyland next month! It's also my birthday, which I will be 24. I can't believe I am as old as Captain EO.

Anonymous said...

we are now in 2010 ! What's new in Disneyland ?
Captain EO ????? This movie was amazing in 1986 not today... Oh my god, Disney is really becomes a disappointed company actually with this attraction, Rapunzel's "new" name and the canceled Snow Queen.

What's next?

Captain EO said...

In the wake of MJJ's tragic passing, it's genuinely heart-warming to see Captain EO returning to Disneyland for fans (old & new) to see Michael in his prime. As a huge Disney fan I hope he's looking down & smiling in the knowledge that guests are enjoying his magic alongside Mickey & the rest of the gang in Walt's Park. Even though it looks doubtful I would LOVE Epcot & also DLP to bring it back. I'm heading to Florida again this year & would dearly love to take my seat for another showing of Captain EO.

On a slightly different level, it does appear that sometimes Disney can't win with fans. Whilst there are countless fans who hold their first experience of Captain EO up there as magical memories of the first time we witnessed multi-sensory 3D, there are plenty bleating about it being a waste of time & money or that it's not a new attraction. Let's get real here, HISTA is way past it & has been for years & whilst Captain EO won't stand the test of time, it's not being billed as a "new" attraction & I don't see anyone moaning when Disney runs old Mickey cartoons on Main Street ?

My only critisism is why Disney would decide to turn "pro-MJJ" after his death when it suits them where as since the early 90's they distanced themselves from him, albeit understandably but then change when it benefits the Company. It's still awesome to see the Captain & his gang back though