Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Night falls on Universal Studios Singapore... Part Two

When night falls on Universal Studios Singapore it becomes magical. Today is the last part of the D&M Grand report on Universal Singapore and thanks to Fabian Fan and Wee Sen, here is some great pictures of Universal Singapore at night. In this part two, great night shots of Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World and Far Far Away lands. We begin by Sci Fi City.

If you've missed part one with great night shots of New York Streets, Hollywood area and Madagascar land, you will find it HERE.

Let's move to the very spectacular decor of Ancient Egypt.

We enter now the Lost World, land of Jurassic Park.

Our last stop: Far Far Away Land and the Shrek Castle!

And it's with this last picture that we conclude our Universal Studios Singapore Grand pictorial report series. I would like to give a very special thanks to Fabian Fan and Wee Sen as thanks to their great pictures Disney and more was able to show you Universal Singapore in the best possible way. They did a great job, and they deserves thousand thanks!

We will talk again about USS when the park will open for real and when video of the rides will be available which might take some weeks. Hope you've enjoyed this special report, tomorrow we'll be back to the Disney world!

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Pictures: copyright Fabian Fan or Wee Sen depending of the pictures.


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Nice picture, it is really attractive place. The Universal Studios Singapore completely design is the Festive Walk, an artery of action-packed activities and things to do from shows and TV productions to shopping, clubbing, and dining all along the avenue.

Best Regards,

michellesnoopy said...

hi, do you know how much is it if i was to go only at night for pictures? thanks :)

Alain Littaye said...

I would say around 20$ but the truth is that i'm not sure, you probably will find the answer either on the Sentosa blog here: http://sentosathemepark.blogspot.com/
Or on the USS site.