Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Night falls on Universal Studios Singapore... Part One

As all great theme parks, when night falls on Universal Studios Singapore it becomes magical. Thanks to Fabian Fan and Wee Sen, here is some great pictures of Universal Singapore at night. In this part one, New York Streets, Hollywood area and Madagascar land. Note that part two of this article is now on line with fantastic night shots of Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World and Far Far Away lands HERE

Don't miss the part two now on line with fantastic night shots of Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World and Far Far Away lands HERE

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Pictures: copyright Fabian Fan or Wee Sen depending of the pictures.


Anonymous said...

A part quelques bonnes idées comme le bateau de Madagascar, je trouve que ca devient lassant les parcs sur le cinéma... Entre universal et Disney et le look "cinema hollywoodien des années 30", on fini par ne plus savoir si c un Disney à Orlando, ou Universal à Osaka. Les parcs se ressemblent tous.

Et puis à part des resto et des boutiques couvertes, les attractions sont quand meme de simples "manèges" thematisés.

A mon souvenir, il faut remonter à Disney Sea ou Animal Kingdom pour vraiment trouver des parcs avec des nouveaux concepts !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these amazing posts. I am extremely excited to visit this park, so ignore all the negative comments. I have already visited the Universals in Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood and this park is certainly unique as itself. The theming of this park is far superior to the one in Hollywood. I have also been to both Disneys in Osaka, and those in Orlando and Paris, Disney Sea being the most unique to me but sadly not enough rides.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful? YES! Magical? NO! 'Magical' is reserved only for Disney parks in my humble opinion.

Anyway, great post Alain. Good to see Universal is paying attention to details.

Anonymous said...

For all of the negative comments, (the park is to small, magic is reserved only for Disney parks, everything is crammed together), I have to admit this park looks quite amazing and the work they did from a design standpoint on a smaller footprint of land is brilliant. I wish the park in California looked this good. Universal did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it looks like eye candy with no substance to me. Only a few rides, A Pantages Theater with a blank marque? Does that mean it's an empty building? Sounds more like DCA to me. I wish there was more to this Park like real new rides instead of copies and clones of what Hollywood and Orlando already have.

Alain Littaye said...

Lost Boy, this is the second time you post a comment saying there is no new rides at USS and so i repost my answer to your first comment some days ago:
Universal Singapore doesn't have only one kiddie ride and one coaster that Universal Hollywood or Orlando don't have: the big Madagascar flume ride, the Lights, Motors, Action special effects show, the Enchanted Airways family coaster and the Donkey show in Far Far Away don't exist in the U.S, not to mention others small carousel rides, the Treasure Hunters family ride, a new raft version of the Jurassic Park ride AND the big Transformers ride coming next year.

In terms of decor, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Far Far Away lands and even Sci Fi City are all new for a Universal Studios park.

All this is a little bit more than "only one kiddie ride and one Coaster", isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't know that and from all the pictures that have been posted I just see big fancy empty looking buidings, one coaster and one kiddie ride. I can't beleive a whole "Land" devoted to Madagascar and another to Shrek, two of the worst franchises ever. Thankfully Universal Hollywood has neither. The only other thing shown besides buildings (which I will admit are stunning, especially the Ancient Egypt area)none of the rides you mentioned were shown or even hinted at. I could only judge by what is seen. I will still take Islands of Adventure over this Park though. Heavilly themed with amazing attractions and rides around every corner and now with the added Wizarding World of Harry Potter coming soon.