Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disney CEO Bob Iger calls Apple's iPad a "game changer" in digital media

Bob Iger said Tuesday the iPad was a "game changer" that could transform how media companies deliver content to consumers: "We find that the iPad has a lot of potential. We think it's a really compelling device. We think it could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to create essentially new forms of content."

"We've put in the marketplace a digi-books product through our Disney publishing group just recently. We were developing it primarily for the computer screen and we started developing it for iTunes, I should say for the iPhone/iTouch platform, and suddenly this device comes along and provides us with an even more robust technological platform that makes the interactivity that we were going to provide, things like read-alongs, simple animation, music, to just sort of come to life, and that's just one example."

"When you think about ABC, you think about a program like `Lost' and not just being able to watch the program, but all the other things that viewers like to do with that program. ABC News, another great example."

"ESPN ScoreCenter, which is a great app on the iPhone, and provides relatively rudimentary information, scores, basically, suddenly we have an opportunity with a platform where you can really make the scores come to life."

From canadianbusiness.com


Jones said...

The IPad, for Christ´s sake ...I didn´t know Iger has completely lost it - there wasn´t anything in the news, was there?

Unknown said...

iPad Apple can do more you think i think......

Diddykong5 said...

Bien sur cela n'a rien a voir avec le fait que Steve Jobs soit l'actionnaire principal de Disney... >_>

Enfin, il est peut être sincère mais si j'étais Iger, je voudrais pas contrarier le propriétaire de 7% de mes actions ^^