Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disney Shopping release new Mr Toad collectible

All fans of Mr Toad will be happy to learn that Disney Shopping released a new collectible item of Mr Toad. The only problem is that it's a snow globe... Damn' snow globes! Why don't they release these items at least in two versions - with or without the globe?

Anyway, Mr Toad collectibles are really rare and the item itself is not that bad (if we except the snow globe!). Below, the product infos:

Horseless carriage automatically rocks as you experience Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
A shower of sparks surrounds Toad and Cyril
Lighted LED fireplace in Toad Hall
Wind music key to hear London Bridge is Falling Down
Walt Disney's animated classic The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad was originally released October 5, 1949, leading off with a featurette version of Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows
Hand-painted, sculpted resin with glass and plastic
9'' H x 6'' W x 8'' D
Requires 2 AA batteries, included

It don't seem to be a limited edition but i doubt they will have it forever... I remind you that Mr Toad character can be find now only at Disneyland (Mr Toad's Wild Ride) and at Disneyland Paris (Toad Hall Restaurant).

While we talk about collectibles here is another great one, the awaited WDCC Limited-Edition "Maleficent: Evil Eruption" Sculpture by Ruben Precopio. This one is a 500 pieces limited edition, is 15" high and its price is $499. Hand-painted porcelain with glass, pewter and resin.

Expensive, but look great. See you tomorrow for a new update!

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Anonymous said...

On E Bay there is presently a Mr Froggie who may have influenced Mr Toad or vise a versa.

Anonymous said...

universal studios singapore opening on 14 feb

Marco Antonio Garcia- São Paulo, Brazil. said...

I do not like snowglobes very much as well, but I think that making Mr. Toad merchandise is a great iniciative. I was VERY disapointed when they removed the Mr. toad wild ride from the MK and I hope that they do not do the same at DL, as it is one of the best dark rides ever and a Disney original.