Saturday, February 13, 2010

Disney's California Adventure World of Color Tests Videos

World of Color is now in test mode and it's getting more and more interesting as they are now testing the lights colors system.

Two videos below will show you more and the first one even have a audio-sync with the World of Color original theme! The show is supposed to open with soft openings in March 2010 and a grand opening event in late April.

Youtube Videos: All my thanks to coolrider560 and SwnyTdd

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Robert/Cologne said...

Gives me goosebumps ,wish I had someone to go with me in sept when my holidays come.
I think it will be amazing and would love it to come to DLP as a big show would be good for the park.
On the other hand cant really decide if I want to go to Anaheim or Universal Studios Florida for Harry Potter.There is just so much happening at the moment.