Friday, August 20, 2010

Epic Mickey Wii Game 4 min 1/2 intro is a nice piece of animation !

Two days ago, four and a half minutes intro from the awaited Wii game "Epic Mickey" were released and i strongly suggest you to have a look at it.

But first, for those of you who don't know exactly what "Epic Mickey" i about, more details, thanks to Wikipedia, about this upcoming Wii game: "Epic Mickey (also known as Super Secret Warren Spector Game Project or Junction Point Studios Project 2) is an upcoming Mickey Mouse video game designed by Warren Spector, with 2D cinemas by Powerhouse Animation Studios and developed by Junction Point Studios for the Wii console, using Emergent Game Technologies' Gamebryo Engine. Epic Mickey is part of an effort by The Walt Disney Company to re-brand the Mickey Mouse character by moving away from his current squeaky clean image and reintroducing the mischievous side of his personality. Spector has been collaborating with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Pixar in conjunction with the project.

And what about the plot, you ask? Well, as you'll see it begins by a variation on the "Apprentice sorcerer": A long time ago, the sorcerer Yen Sid, created a Disney theme park themed pen-and-paper world (Ndr: which looks exactly like Disneyland) for his forgotten and rejected creations, held in an intricate model on a table, and his study accessible through a mirror...

Mickey, who steps through a mirror from his home and finds himself inside Yen Sid's study, sees the model, and waits until Yen Sid is gone before going back to take another look at it. Fiddling with it, Mickey tries to create a model of himself...

...but creates instead a being that becomes the Phantom Blot (Ndr: which looks a bit like Chernabog in that scene), Mickey tries to erase it and accidentally spills paint and paint thinner onto the model.

Hearing Yen Sid approaching, Mickey quickly tries to clean up with hurry and flees back to his home. However, it's too late and the world Yen Sid created turns into a wasteland...

And then? Well, you'll have to watch these 4 and 1/2 minutes intro below to know what is happening to Mickey and Yen Sid creation... - Okay, i'll put the end of the synopsis after the video... But, really, have a look at it, you'll be surprised, it's a nice piece of animation!

Here is the end of the synopsis: "The Phantom Blot who takes control of the Wasteland from its first resident, Mickey's older half-brother - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald and the other residents of the Cartoon Wasteland fight against the Phantom Blot, but he eventually overwhelms them and twists their world into a dark and sinister version of itself, forcing Oswald into hiding.

Years later, Mickey has forgotten his past transgression until the Phantom Blot enters his home through the mirror and pulls him into the Cartoon Wasteland. Oswald, his will lost and twisted by his jealousy of Mickey's rise to fame, has formulated a plan to destroy Mickey. The Mad Doctor works closely with the Blot, creating robotic "Beetleworx", which are strange creatures that consist of combinations of various Disney cartoon characters. He also creates animatronic "buddies" for Oswald, looking like decrepit robotic versions of Mickey's friends, as Oswald wants Mickey's life and popularity for himself. Armed with a magical paintbrush that he managed to pull into the world with him, Mickey must stop the Phantom Blot, gain Oswald's trust and save the Cartoon Wasteland".

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised with as well done as this intro is, that they can't seem to get the Sorcerer's eyes to focus.

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

Looks great!
Nice to see Oswald again. I love the old cartoons, both the Oswalds and the early Mickeys. Also these Mickey design, which is an early one, is my favorite.