Monday, August 16, 2010

WDS Toy Story Playland HD Video - Part One

D&M special report on the new Toy Story Playland opening tomorrow August 17th at the WDS is going on with a two part full HD video which will give you the feeling that you've been teleported at Toy Story Playland!

In this first video you'll see everything of Parachute Drop and Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin rides including on-ride shots and as you will see WDS guests will have a great view when the parachutes of Parachute Drop lift off in the air. The part two showing the RC Racer thrill ride will be on line later this week when i will have finished the editing.

I remind you the huge Toy Story Playland pictorial report posted this week-end with more than 110 high-res pictures. The article is now divided in two parts that you will find HERE and HERE or click on the previous posts link below.

As i've told you the video is in HD so definitely watch it in full screen mode, it'll be just like if you were there!

Video: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more


Tom said...

Thank you! This is the first video that features sizable chunks of all the area loops. The music is really excellent.

Is it my imagination or is there a slight Parisian infusion in the track at the beginning?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Alain, I heard my best friends neighbor Actor Ronald Lee Ermey giving "Commandos" to the troups in the spiel, as he is known for.

DisWedWay said...

I would love to see more of the Toy Story Characters here to soften the Green Army Combat theme. How about a Mr Potatoe Head and friends, or Barbie in army gear standing watch.

Anonymous said...

Any hope to see this area expanded in the future with Midway Mania beetween the Parachute Drop and RC Racer ?

It could fit very well in theme and bring new characters to the area like Mr Potatoe who is nowhere in sight in this new Playland. And then it could bring a path to this famous lagoon for World of Color that was rumored not long ago ...

Jones said...

Of all the toys and themes possible, they chose - the Toy Soldiers? I just don´t get it, sorry.

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

It's simple Jones, it's an attraction aimed toward boys. Boys just love soldiers and guns. Disneyland was full of them in its early years.
So, if it's an attraction mainly for boys, a Barbie in army gear would not be very popular.

Jones said...

@ Marco - yes, I understand the reasoning behind it (although I very much doubt that all that pondering about demoscopics makes as much sense as the marketing people want us to believe... There are only two kinds of attractions or films: good ones and bad ones. From a market researchers point of view, both "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast" were not a good choice, whereas the markezing people were probably happy about "Treasure Planet" and "Atlantis"...)
However, what I mainly wanted to say is that for my taste, the Soldier-theme is not particularly appealing (butI´m not a young boy, of course). Plus, the older I get, the less enthusiastic I become about all things military - when I was I kid, I used to laugh at parents who would not let their kids play with toy guns and toy tanks, and I loved my scale model of the battleship Bismarck... Today, I can understand their point (although I still don´t think that playing with the Bismarck put me at any risk of becoming a Nazi... :-)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Due to the fact that I am from São Paulo, Brazil, and therefore not a native English speaker, I must confess that I had to search the meaning of demoscopics on Google, but could not find a definite answer- does it refer to population research?
I also agree with you that there are good films/attractions and bad ones, but some very good movies, like the ones you mentioned (beauty and the beast, and The Little Mermaid) are more appealing to girls than to boys. As much as I liked, and still like those two films, I would never buy merchandise from them to put on my bedroom or a fantasy to dress like its characters. The two other movies you mentioned were aimed toward boys, but were bad ones.
What I liked most from Disney when I was a young boy was the likes of Peter Pan, 20,000 leagues under the sea, Herbie the love bug, Mr. Toad, Swiss family Robinson, Pirates in general, the Haunted Mansion, and Alice, which besides of being more of a girl story, always fascinated me, and I had, and still have, tons of collectibles from them at my house. So these are the good movies/attractions more appealing for boys. My sister, on the other hand, always loved the princess.
I won't say that the marketing people thought that the little mermaid and beauty and the beast were bad ideas, probably they thought that those movies were very good ideas, more aimed toward girls than boys, but it doesn’t mean that boys are not going to watch them and like.
Violence, guns and military are also very appealing to boys, and there are some very good and healthy movies/attractions/series that make use of them, to give some Disney examples I would say Davy Crockett, Zorro, Pirates, Tron, now Marvel super heroes- it's in boys genes I guess.
I always liked as well war movies, military strategy and war machines/weapons, but I am not a violent person at all and I hope that there are no more wars in the world, because I know that the human side of them is terrible. I liked so much that I insisted in doing my military service in Brazil, and I am a lieutenant from the reserve, but I hope that I never have to fight a war.
All in all, the attraction that we are talking about is no doubt a bad attraction, but its theming is nice and make sense to target the young masculine public.

Jones said...

@ marco:
Sorry for the use of the word "demoscopics", which in fact does not exist (I´m not a native speaker of English myself) - what I meant is "demoscopy", but that is also not in the dictionaries yet, as far as I can tell. It was supposed to mean "public opinion research" (from greek demos, the populate, and skopia,to observe).