Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toy Story Playland : The road leading to the Ratatouille dark ride

In my Toy Story Playland pictorial report posted last week-end there is an important addition that i didn't talked about. By the way those who had problem with their browsers because the pictures were too high-res can now see them on Mice Chat in lower-res HERE and HERE. But let's come back to this TSP important addition which is actually a path designed like a Parisian street with cobblestones in the ground and typical Parisian benches and lampposts.

And there is a good reason why DLP Imagineers themed this path like a Parisian street: this path certainly leads to the other entrance of Toy Story Playland - where guests can enter the land going through the blue monkey barrel - but in two years from now it will also be the street leading to the Ratatouille dark ride and the "Paris" area. Actually, we can even say that what you will see below are the first pictures of the future "Ratatouille" area.

I know you like to see proofs and i will bring them to you but let's have a look first to this Parisian street with its cobblestones in the ground and typical Parisian benches and lampposts. The first picture below is a panoramic, click on it to see it in larger scale.

Now, if you remind a previous D&M article i told you that a sculpture of Gusteau - Ratatouille's chef - was sculpted on the arch stick to the blue barrel. And as you can see on the picture below it's really the case and it's really a sculpture of Gusteau.

The picture above was shot by Alexandre Rosa, a former Disney and more contributor, during the cast member preview days. Two days later, when the land opened for annual passholders soft-openings last saturday, Gusteau's sculpture was hidden as you will see on the pictures below.

There is a good reason for that - there is always a good reason for anything done by Imagineers! - and it's probably that DLP execs would prefer to keep secret at least for a while the future land which will open during DLP 2013 fiscal year (which begins October 1st, 2012) and the year of the 20th Anniversary. No more Gusteau's sculpture means no questions from the guests, etc...

Unfortunately, all signs related to Ratatouille couldn't be hidden beginning by the face of Remy, Ratatouille's main character. And where is Remy's face, you ask? Well, actually he is on EACH bench of this Parisian street. Have a look at the picture below...

Don't see Remy? Okay, let's have a closer look. Do you see him now?

May be you'd like to see where this awaited dark ride will be build? The next panoramic, shot from the Parachute Drop attraction, will show you this. The building you see on the right is actually located backstage and is the "costuming" where cast-members come each morning to pick their costume - a Paris backdrop is supposed to hide the building when the Ratatouille ride will open. And on the left of this building, behind the blue barrel, is the land reserved for the Ratatouille ride and Paris area.

Edited: Christian, from just sent me this picture showing the land where the Ratatouille ride will be build. Note that there is on the left more land that you don't see on the picture. As you can see it's a pretty big area and I wonder if they will keep the big trees located at the center of the land... my feeling is that they will keep them and it will be a good idea.

I don't want to be provocative, but with the Parachute Drop ride DLP Imagineers provided to us the perfect observation point to have a look at the upcoming works and shoot pictures of the future Ratatouille area... Works, by the way, should begin this fall or early next year as it will be a major ride - with a budget estimated around 130-150M$ and, as i told you before, with trackless ride vehicles and 3D projection effects along the ride. Those of you who complain that Toy Story Playland only have re-themed carnival rides only have to wait two more years to be happy and get the E-Ticket ride they're asking for.

If you enjoyed this Disney and more special report, thanks for your support!

You can see great pictures of Toy Story Playland, shot with a wide angle by Alexandre Rosa on his web site HERE

Pictures: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more

Arch with Gusteau's sculpture picture: copyright Alexandre Rosa


Anonymous said...

First Class at Last. Were off to a Great start here with Ratatouille. Loved the bench details and Paris like lamp posts and heads.

Anonymous said...

I like this street. I love this street. It brings magic to the park. I like the fact that a parisian attraction (and E-ticket !) will be build in a parisian resort. I'm not french, but I think french people will like it too. This ride in 2013 and Star Tours 2 would be great additions. But they should improve RC Racer's ridiculous capacity (that's another debate).

Anonymous said...

Je trouve ca tres joli ! La rue est tres bien faite et j'aime bcp les details meme si je n'ai aucune attente sur cette attraction et ca me fait mal de penser qu'un dark ride sera la nouveauté des 20 ans... Cette attraction n'aura-t-elle pas pu etre dans le MK ? J'ai l'impression que ces studios n'ont plus grand chose a voir avec le cinema et se transforment en Pixarland.

Apres, je me demande encore si l'idée d'avoir un land sur Paris... à Paris est une bonne idée. Un peu comme celle d'avoir fait un parc sur la Californie (Californie Adventures) en Californie.

TokyoMagic! said...

I like the look of the street, the benches and the archway. This park is finally beginning to look a little better! I've only been in the Walt Disney Studio park once before and that was five years ago, but I was shocked to find the content and quality of the park to be far worse than even California Adventure. (I didn't think ANYTHING could be worse than Disney's California Adventure.)

I'm really excited about the possibility of a trackless Ratatouille dark ride with 3-D effects! Thank you for your continued reports on this!

Björn said...

To Anonymous :

La qualité de ce dark-ride sera comparable à celle de dark-rides mythiques du parc Disneyland (Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor) et utilisera une technologie inédite (véhicules sans rail).

Ratatouille dark-ride's quality will be equivalent to Disneyland Park's mythical attractions (Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor) and will use an innovative technology (trackless vehicles).

Anonymous said...

I have a question, why would a section of a park in Paris/France, designed to look like Paris/France be a draw to people living in Paris/France? Isn't that the same mistake made with DCA, Californian's going to a park based on California?

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't they make the people-eating dark ride first, and everything else second?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Imagineering who wanted Gusteau covering, that was DLP who did that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Glad to see that PayPal button, so I used it :-) Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for all these great reports...

regular reader from Cologne

Matthrix said...

Je crois qu'on touche enfin a notre "exception culturelle" !!!!!! Apres la disparition du Visionarium qui faisait une promo sympatique de la France et de l'Europe, voila Ratatouille qui va faire de la promo pour Paris ! (et qui sait, de la France !)
Les premiers éléments montrent que cette attraction sera vraiment prometteur ! Merci Alain pour cet article !

I think it has finally reached our "cultural exception" !!!!!!
After the disappearance of "Le Visionarium" which was a friendly promo of France and Europe, here Ratatouille will make the promo for Paris! (And who knows, maybe France!)
The first evidence that this attraction will really
promising! Alain thank you for this article!

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

Now we're talking about an attraction!