Saturday, August 14, 2010

Toy Story Playland - Full Pictorial Report - Part Two

Toy Story Playland is opening August 17th at the Walt Disney Studios, here is the part two of the D&M pictorial report. Part one showing the Parachute Drop and Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin rides is HERE

RC Racer is the thrill ride of Toy Story Playland. The queue is designed like a Skalextric race track and includes a Dinoco gas station. Let's have a look in details to RC Racer!

Two Dinoco gas station small panoramics. Click on them to see them in big size!

Guests exit the other end of Toy Story Playland going through the blue barrel of monkeys. A small merchandise shop is located inside the top of the blue barrel.

Let's end with two great panoramic pictures of Toy Story Playland. Click on them to see them in big size!

You can see more pictures of Toy Story Playland, shot with a wide angle by Alex, former D&M contributor, on his web site HERE

All my thanks to Daniel and Rika for their precious contribution!

If you enjoyed this Disney and more special report, thanks for your support!

All pictures: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more


Unknown said...

Amazing update! Great pictures!

Teevtee said...

Thanks for the pictures and the work you put in to get them.

While the land has some nice decorations to me it is a total mess, a total failure on ever level. Conceptually it is poor, the mix of actual attractions is poor, it is just a train wreck.

It does not matter how many nice little decorations they put on it, it is like the saying "Putting lipstick on a pig". DSP is such a mess of a park I truly feel that it is beyond salvation, but unlike California Adventure where they have made some real effort to fix it this is just adding to the problems. People want UNIQUE experiences. That is the only reason on Earth they would spend the high prices to go to DLP. What they get here are the exact same experiences they can get at any local amusement park, only less of them and with some decorations.

They really have screwed this park up so badly I cannot imagine what could be done to help it. The fact that this is also going into the once promising Hong Kong park makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Why does EVERYTHING have to be an E-Ticket to you ungrateful haters?!

In your case, Mr. TeeVee, I think that you only hate TSP because you were predisposed to hate it and refuse to do the right thing by reserving judgement and reevaluating everything more carefully when seeing it in person, with an unbiased POV.

Obviously, morons like you are too set in your beliefs for your own good.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It is just a theme park attraction, not a religion, so don't take it so serious anonymous, also everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.
I, for instance, did not hate it, but it just did not appeal to me at all. I agree with Teevtee that what people really want to see at Disney parks are unique experiences. I love the old classics as well, like the fantasyland dark rides and the likes of Dumbo, they are charming classics that bring back some of my best childhood memories, and they were innovative and different when they were built.
I also do not think that everything must be a very technological, revolutionary "E" ticket attraction, Alice labyrinth is a relatively simple, gorgeous and great attraction, which fits perfectly in fantasyland.
They will really have to try harder than this in my point of view to save DSP, and be carefull not to sink the other park due to complete lack of new attractions.
Thank you very much Alain for the great pictures!

Teevtee said...

Like Marco said... try to calm down there a little big guy, we are talking about a bad addition to a crappy theme park, nothing serious.

Before you go calling people names try to express your opinions in a coherent and persuasive manner... name calling is likely never going to work for you. However if you MUST call me a name try for something more original than "moron". You know, if you are going to be an ass REALLY be an ass, go big or go home.

Anyway... I have been to DSP, in fact I have been to every single Disney park on the planet, each more than once (save for Hong Kong which I have only been to once). WHile I have NOT seen the new Toy Story addition I can clearly see what it is, I have been to the DCA counterpart (Bug's Land) and I can see that it sucks.

Why does it suck? Because every aspect of it, from the limited budget, to the entire reason it was installed to the totally out of whack scale (since when were most toys the size of ants?) to the very park it was placed in is horrible and wrong.

If you are a DIsney fan (which I assume you are or else you would not be so upset over a total stranger saying a bad word about their park on a blog) you should be angry with them for shoving this garbage down your throat. You should hold them to a higher standard and want them to succeed, I know I want them to.

I do not think everything needs to be an E-Ticket but I do think everything they do needs to aim high and make sense and be special and something more than I would see at say Rain Forest Cafe.

This new "land" has some fun decorations but those decorations are trying to hide what at it's core is a very weak experience. You would have thought Disney learned it's lesson with the disaster of California Adventure, but then they give us this.

The problem is that DSP is a VERY complicated contractual and financial situation that has made it virtually impossible for them to get out of looking good. But come on, really? Do you honestly think that this land or this park represent Disney to it's best? DLP is a BEAUTIFUL place... the only real failure of it is that it is SEVERELY lacking in attractions. Here we are nearly 20 years after it opened and it has seen a grand total of ONE major new attraction added. Had they taken the money spent on DSP and all the failed fixes for it and put in say three KILLER attractions at DLP we would be looking at one of the great parks on the planet. With great parks comes great crowds and great success. With garbage like this comes continued financial failures.

I live in the U.S., I would gladly hop a plane to Paris if they gave me reason to... this is reason to be sad though.

and thank you BTW fir calling me MISTER Teevtee, I like that kind of respect.

Roger said...

Need magic? Need E-tickets? Disneyland Paris will open 2 or 3 E-tickets in a very near future : Ratatouille & probably Star Tours 2 in 2012 or 2013 and it's also rumoured that The Little Mermaid should open in 2014.

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

Maybe you have some inside information that we don't Roger, because as far as I know, the only attraction confirmed for the Parisian resort is Ratatouille, which looks very promising and is going to be an original attraction.
I totally agree with you Teevtee that the money they spent in DSP would have been much better used in the other park, with three or four killer attraction, but the mentality of Disney executives nowadays unfortunately is to buil a second theme park in every resort, for families to spend more than a day on them and sleep at the resort hotels.
I am not against building new theme parks at all, but I am against building them just for having a second theme park, without the money or the planing for building something worthy, these cheap parks are only good for damaging Disney's reputation.
I am also completely against building cheap resorts just to expand the business and take it to new countries, and I really can not understand why is Disney building a second resort in China when the first is in trouble, I think that they are getting themselves into another contractual and financial nightmare, but I wish I'm wrong. Hope that they at least build a very good park with original concepts and attractions, instead of another HKDL.
It is also true that in 20 years they only added 1 major attraction at Disneyland Park in Paris, Space Mountain, that is a great enhancement of an old classic, and that's what most people want to see- what's the point of having several different resorts all over the world if they are all going to have almost identical attractions? Moreover, there are a lot of, for instance, American and Japanese tourists in Paris that are not going to spend a day of their trip in order to see something that they have at home.
Besides of only adding one good attraction, they removed one of my favorites, "Le Visionarium", an unique, beautiful, French and very interesting attraction that they exchanged for the terrible Buzz astro blasters, that you can find in any Disney resort (I really don't like video game theme park attractions.
At least in Bug's land at DCA there is the 3D movie, which is fun to watch (the rest of it is terrible).
That's what happens with open companies runned by executives who can only see numbers and care about their bonuses.

DRG said...

Very well spoken Marco Antonio, I agree 100%. My 2 cents about the 'e' ticket issue is this. Of course they can't all be but every land should have one! Look at the Original Disneyland(yes I live nearby and am an AP member): Every land(except for Main Street which isn't really a land but rather the parks intro, and toon town which Shouldnt have one because its geared for children)has an e-ticket:
Adventureland/Indiana Jones Adventure&Jungle Cruise, New Orleans Square/Pirates&Haunted Mansion, Critter Country/Splash Mtn., Frontierland/Big Thunder of course, Fantasyland/Matterhorn bobsleds, Tomorrowland/Space Mountain&Star Tours!
This is the standard that I hold disney Parks to, it's the original and none can refute it's success. Many even have 2! and as I said before if they were serious about Toy Story land they could've made RC racer a high speed e-ticket track ride a la GM test track/radiator springs racers, and the majority of Disney fans probably would be content with the new land. This is my opinion. When/if I go to DLP I would only visit TSL if I have extra time, sadly, it would not be a priority of mine at all. I hope things improve there like they are improving so well here with CA Adventure!

PS Midway Mania is better in my opinion then all 3 of the attractions in TSL combined! See you in the Parks!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

You are right DRG, you just forgot to mention the submarine voyage, now Nemo submarine voyage, as a tomorrowland E ticket. The Matterhorn and Space Mountain are beloved classic E tickets, but are showing their age and in my opinion need an update.
Anyway Disneyland is definitely my favorite Theme Park!