Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WDS Toy Story Playland : New High-res " wallpaper " Visual

Disneyland Paris just released this new Toy Story Playland visual, which looks great. Considering the 4x3 format of the image which is exactly the size of Paris billboards i'm ready to bet that this visual will be everywhere in Paris anytime soon, beginning by the subway stations billboards.

One more thing: click on the visual to get it in high-res and use it as a great "wallpaper" for your desktop! Enjoy.

Picture: copyright Disney


* said...

I just bought your book, three days ago in disneyland, and i find it great. Of course I had already seen some of the artworks on this blog, but having them in full size and on paper is different from viewing them on computer. This book is really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Why is the castle in the back? It's not in the Disneyland park. fail.