Friday, August 13, 2010

Walt Disney Family Museum's Disneyland Model - Video

If you come to San Francisco you better don't miss the 12 foot diameter Disneyland Model located in the Gallery 9 of the fantastic Walt Disney Family Museum. It shows the "Disneyland of Walt's Imagination", which means that the model don't show Disneyland as it is today but as Walt envisioned it, and some of the attractions on the model are now extinct attractions.

As you will see on the video below released recently by the Walt Disney Family Museum many elements of the model are moving like the Dumbo or Tea Cups rides, the now extinct Rocket Jets ride in Tomorrowland, and of course the Disneyland railroad moving all around the park. And above the model, video and images that illuminate achievements from the last 15 years of Disney’s life are projected onto a suspended fiveand-a-half foot video globe. Highlights include the evolution of Disneyland, ABC’s “Disney Land” television series, and other landmark accomplishments.

This Disneyland model is simply gorgeous - who wouldn't like to have one like this at his own home?

All pictures: copyright Disney or Walt Disney Family Foundation.


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

This is gorgeous! I must see this museum.
Unfortunately and did not have the opportunity to go to SF since it opened...

Don said...

I have been there and would happily go again. It is just impossible to see everything in one visit, I couldn't recommend it more.