Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Cool Disneyland Visual

There is a new Disneyland visual which has been released and i think it's a pretty cool one. The visual includes the most famous attractions and characters and even the vehicle of an attraction which is not open yet, i.e the Little Mermaid ride. It reminds me - probably because of the colors, specially the "blue" - the visual style of the 1950-60's.

Here it is in big resolution and if you want to see the cool merchandise products that DL will produce with it, have a look at the Disney Parks blog HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

I think this is FANTASTIC Disneyland artwork because of all the attractions being depicted along with characters enjoying them, plus the correct logo and slogan. Well done!!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It's very nice! Even José Carioca, the Brazilian Parrot is featured in it!

I hadn't seen him for a long time...