Saturday, February 5, 2011

Real Adventureland : Not related with Disney, but don't miss this !

I have sometime non-Disney topic for the week-end and, although the video below released this week is not related with Disney, don't miss it as what you will see is extremely rare.

The BBC was invited by Brazilian director of Indians affairs Dept Jose Mereilles to fly over Amazonia to discover and film a tribe which has NEVER been in contact with the rest of the world. In two words, there is still on this planet tribes living in primeval forest which are still unknown, which is pretty remarkable considering the "global world" we're living in.

No physical contact was made with them as it might be extremely dangerous as a simple flu virus may kill all the tribe. Jose Mereilles who is fighting for their protection invited the BBC crew to film them to have a proof that uncontacted tribes still really exist in Amazonia jungle at the border of Peru and Brazil.

This beautiful short video - in english and even french subtitles for my french readers - is narrated by Gillian Anderson and this preserved-from-the-outside-world tribe may remind you the one in "Avatar" as, just like in James Cameron's movie, they try to escape the illegal loggers which invades from the Peru side of the border to destroy the Amazon forest. You can learn more about how to help to protect the Indians HERE or HERE. One last thing: definitely watch the video in full screen mode!

In this next video, filmed previously, another Indian tribe who have been in contact with the "outside world" will tell you the danger and dramatic consequences of "first contact" for these uncontacted tribes. To know more about why they are hiding in the Amazon forest please go HERE.

Video: copyright BBC

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