Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Star Tours 2 : C3PO meets Georges Lucas in Starspeeder 1000

Although a previous picture of C3PO was released some months ago this new one shot at Disneyland give us a better idea of his dimensions, where as the new Starspeeder 1000 pilot he will sit, and all this with his creator standing next to him - Georges Lucas himself!

Talking about Star Tours 2, do you know that Disneyland Paris didn't announced yet any plans to "upgrade" Discoveryland's Star Tours to Star Tours 2? And it is DLP 20th Anniversary next year! To be honest, considering that WDI Imagineers need 9 months only to transform the attraction DLP executives still have some time to make their final choice and to give the green light to begin the works. We'll see...

Picture: copyright Disney


Brian said...

Considering a real new attraction won't be built for the 20th year, I hope that this will get upgraded to Star Tours 2! Though I think that the current ride is still great fun!
Let's hope DLP finds some great particular investors who like to put some money in a few new rides.

Anonymous said...

It could only take 6 months as the queue had extensive work during 2010 and the simulators have quietly been upgraded over the the last 16 months with the last of the 6 simulators upgraded in Nov 2010. Also most of the programming work will have already been done in the USA.