Thursday, July 28, 2011

D&M Time Machine : WDW Magic Kingdom 1972

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom opened October 1st, 1971, and LIFE magazine did a great issue on it - see cover above. So, today, let's go back in time one year later, in 1972, with this great home movie shot by the father of "asdTubeU". As he says on the Youtube video description: "My first visit to Walt Disney World was in October 1972. My father shot one roll of 8 mm film -- that's about 3 minutes of film -- of our visit (though I've cut out the family shots except for me interacting with a blinking Goofy).

In this silent digitized video (with music by YouTube's AudioSwap) of that film, you'll see: Topiaries in front of the Contemporary Resort on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

A sign for the "World Cruise" on the Seven Seas Lagoon & Bay Lake.

An outdoor band stage with Bambi's friends Flower and Thumper dancing.

The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarines

Brief views of Frontierland, Liberty Square and Adventureland from near where Splash Mountain now sits, including a view of The Haunted Mansion which is no longer possible from the original Walt Disney World Railroad station in Frontierland. Of course, there was no Big Thunder Mountain either.

The river was drained during this visit, so there is no steamboat in the Magic Kingdom, but the burning cabin was ablaze, some of the scenes along the river are in place near the railroad tracks, the skyway's 90º turn is completely unobstructed and operating and the speedway has no Space Mountain next door."

Video: copyright asdTubeU


DisWedWay said...

It's hard to believe that Walt Disney World would change so much in the next 10 years. The 2nd phase of developement of attractions and hotels would be added. Epcot and World Showcase would be in place and open. Even a 3rd park was being built in Tokyo at this time. It was an exciting and creative decade for all those who worked at WED back then. PD

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I really miss the skyway and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarines...

Anonymous said...

Check out the color of the WDW castle compared to todays PDL castle finish's.

JNota0005DakMC said...

funny... i have that magazine in a frame hanging in my basement... awesome...!