Monday, July 25, 2011

Tokyo Disney Sea Fantasmic! Show

With all these earthquake / tsunami / nuclear plant disasters in Japan the new Fantasmic show at Tokyo Disney Sea didn't had the promotion he deserves on Disney blogs. Even me, i confess, totally forgot to do a topic about it. So, today, here is a great video which will show you the full show, also part of TDS 10th Anniversary celebration.

Steve Davison, who designed and directed the show, has called this new version of Fantasmic as "Fantasmic 2.0,". The show's score was completely recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, composed by Don L. Harper, as is, Bruce Healey's theme to the original Fantasmic! The new version has new scenes and plot, accompanied with a new song titled "Imagination". This is the only version of Fantasmic! to not have a stationary stage, since Mediterranean Harbor is located in the center of the park. Instead most of the show takes place on barges and boats.

Okay, it's time to enjoy the show, thanks to this HD video filmed by Theme Park!

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Video: copyright Theme Park


Anonymous said... is like Fantasmic! + World of Color. I love it! Thanks for sharing the video.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the inflatable characters on the lion king barges. But the rest of the sho, including the amazing dragon, are awesome!

Thomas said...

Just awful. The new music is gimmicky, ponderous and unnecessarily remixed compared to the original all-orchestrated score. Why on earth did they think Fantasmic! needed a pop flavor? The LED hat is no improvement over the mist screens and turns a dream-like atmosphere into a Kylie Minogue concert atmosphere.

I suppose some of it may be a cultural thing — it had to be adapted to Japanese sensibilities — but from where I'm sitting it's no improvement over the original.

Jones said...

@Thomas: Just awful? Now, come on... It may have its weaknesses, and there simply is is not much that could be done to improve DL´s Fantasmic, as it is almost perfect - but the Tokyo version certainly is not "awful". In fact, I liked it better than WDW´s very mediocre version...

Thomas said...

Walt Disney World's version is only marginally different to Disneyland's. The mist screens are still there, the music is intact.

I'm sorry, but the new music in particular really ruins it for me. They took a tasteful, timeless soundtrack and turned it into a generic theme park entertainment tune.

In the original version, the opening with Mickey's dream is an intimate experience, well-timed, theatrical. This new version starts off like Vegas, all glittery lights and American Idol singing. You're not sucked into an atmosphere, you're just watching sparkly stuff.

If it weren't called "Fantasmic!," it would be perfectly fine, but with that name, it had better be a good show...

Anonymous said...

I know I'm coming in late, but I live in Tokyo and I'd like to agree with what Thomas said here.

I find Fantasmic! at DisneySea to be a disappointing, tacky, soulless mess of a show, especially when compared to the original at Disneyland.

Yes, if it were called something else (replacing the overtly Fantasmic! elements), and ran for only a couple of years, I wouldn't feel such disappointment. Unfortunately, it will likely run for quite some time, reminding me each time I'm at the park of what could and should have been; that a park as incredible as DisneySea and the legacy of a show as moving as Fantasmic! at Disneyland deserve much, much better.

Steve Davison was the wrong choice for this show. His work is too wimpy, poppy and predictable for a show that draws it's strength from alternating between sentimental, funny, and relatively hard-edged cool, all with excellent use of the element of surprise.