Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDL Latest News : Work Halt at Shanghaî Disneyland Site !

Work was halted on Shanghai Disneyland on Saturday when earth movers being used on the project were found to be both overloaded and operating without a proper license. Apparently the catch was made as part of the city's latest campaign against overloaded or speeding earth mover vehicles, an under appreciated threat. Indeed it's not a big problem and works should resume very soon at the SDL site but it's the kind of thing that Disney may face in China where chineses are not really known for their full respect of regulations... More about this in the full Shanghaî Daily article below:

"Some work at the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, the site of the city's future Disneyland, has been halted temporarily because local authorities found that the earth-moving equipment being used was overloaded and not licensed.

Violations were found at the site in the Pudong New Area on Saturday. Fines will be imposed on the construction company based on the amount of the soil it dumped so far. The authority is still investigating the amount.

"Inspectors found the trucks of up to 25-ton capacity carried more than 30 tons of soil in general," said an official with the city urban management team. "The overloaded trucks were unable to close their canopies."

It will take about one week for the company to get licensed after application, the city's public sanitation officials said yesterday. The unlicensed trucks were caught in the city's latest campaign against overloaded or speeding earth-moving trucks which claimed many lives years ago. The inspectors were surprised that such a high-profile project lacked the required licenses.

Construction on the long-sought Disneyland, the first on China's mainland, began in April. The theme park is in the heart of the 20-square-kilometer Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone. The first phase of the Shanghai Disneyland project, to cover 3.9 square kilometers, is expected to open in 2015.

A lot of pedestrians and moped riders fell victim to construction trucks in 2009 when many projects were carried out before the World Expo 2010. Some truck drivers travel too fast and carry excessive loads of construction waste to finish more trips - and thus earn more pay. This has prompted authorities to periodically launch campaigns against speeding and overloaded trucks."

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Anonymous said...

many chinese respect rules and regulations, don't pretend you know china and the chinese people because
you don't.

Alain Littaye said...

C'mon, you know what i was talking about, i didn't meant that all chinese didn't respect the regulations - as a matter of fact most of the chinese do respect them - i was talking about those who don't, the one that we all know, and so do you, so there was no reason to take badly what i said.

I have the greater respect for chinese civilisation and you'll be surprised to see how well i can know the chinese thought, for reasons to long to explain here...

Jones said...

Sure, it´s perfectly ok to insult France ("Freedom Fries" is all I´m saying) - but the slightest hint that China may not be a perfect paradise will trigger harsh criticism...