Monday, January 2, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore Launches Hollywood Dreams Parade - Full Video

On new Year's Eve, Universal Studios Singapore has launched its brand new Hollywood Dreams Parade, and i've found for you a full video of it, filmed by tabihito7. It's a great parade with animated floats and almost each float refers to Universal Studio Singapore attractions.

Among others themes there is floats dedicated to Shreck, Madagascar, the Mummy and Jurassic Park. And you better don't miss the Jurassic Park floats as they succeed to have on one of them an Audio-Animatronic T-Rex as big a sthe one which is in the ride. With the opening of the Transformers ride on Dec 3 this is the second major addition to Universal Singapore and the park now really worth a visit. However you might want to wait until next february when the Jurassic Park rafts ride will re-open after some months of refurbishment, then the park will be fully operational.

The pictures in this article are coming from Dejiki web site who posted last sunday a long pictorial update about the new parade.

Pictures: copyright Dejiki

Video: copyright tabihito7

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