Friday, January 6, 2012

WDS Crush Coaster Making-Of Video

A little bit of Imagineering for this week-end with this Crush Coaster making-of. Personally i've never been a big fan of the ride as i think that the dark ride part is either too short or not sophisticated enough, technically speaking, but the ride is very popular at DLP Walt Disney Studios and you might enjoy it next time you'll visit the park!

Picture and video: copyright Disney


Brian said...

Agree with you Alain. The queue and boarding area look a bit cheap. Then, the first part of the ride is well themed and is fun. However, the second, thrilling part of the ride is not themed at all, just 30 seconds of riding through the darkness with those cheap lights that have to look like bubbles. Furthermore, the ride is a bit short, especially considering the long time people wait to get in.

Hope they will someday improve this ride by creating a larger queue area, preferably indoor since most of the time Paris is quite cold. Hopefully, they will upgrade the second part of the ride, can image some tight tunnels with cooler bubble effects and possibly some fishes passing by quite fast. Preferably they could extend the ride a bit, with a small themed part at the end, so the rides takes a bit longer than the 1.30minute it takes currently.

Would probably be a satisfying upgrade, since they know that people currently already like it!

Parc-O-Rama said...

Although I agree with you guys on the lack of theming in the roller coaster part of the ride, I think the dark ride part and the boarding area, queue part included, are really good and very nicely done. Actually, I think the boarding room is one of the most lovely places of the whole park!
The real problem with the queue in my opinion is not the lack of theming in the outside section (outside sections of hit rides like Space Mountain, Star Tours or Captain EO are not better) but the insanely long waiting time.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

They should have a fast pass on this ride!