Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Video Presentation of the Disneyland Paris, "From Sketch to Reality" Book

SInce i've announced 10 days ago that the Disneyland Paris book "From Sketch to Reality" was going to be reprint i had tremendous answers from a lot of DLP fans who were desperately searching a copy of the book. I've decided to let you know regularly at which point of the pr-orders we are so here are the last news about this, AND in addition i have a great video which was filmed and put online by the Dedicated to DLP website and which will help you to have a look inside the book and to hear another opinion about it.

First, about the pre-orders: We had the last ten days around 80 pre-orders, which is not that bad at all , but we still need at least 200 more orders to have the needed amount to print the book. And we need to have them in the next six weeks. So, if you haven't pre-order a collector's edition copy please don't wait too long as if we can't have around 300 orders this great book will not be able to be reprint and may die forever. No kidding. Also, if you have friends who, just like you, are DLP or Disney Parks fans, please let them know about this collector's edition offer, thanks!

One last word about the pre-orders to answer a question that some of you have asked me by email, i.e : "what is happening of the payments if we don't have the necessary pre-orders to reprint the book?". Well, here is the answer: All Paypal payments will stay on the Paypal account and will NOT be transfered on our bank account until we have enough orders for the printing amount, this way it will be easier to do a refund if we have to, as we will send you back your Paypal payment directly from Paypal. I'm confident that we will succeed to have enough pre-orders but please, don't wait the last minute to place your order, thanks!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is the video that steve Riley of Dedicated to did to present the book on his website. As you will see, Steve is very enthusiastic about the book, but the truth is that everyone who owns the book love it! No, really, it's true, and i promise you that you will be as enthusiastic as Steve when you will receive your collector's copy!

To learn more about the book and how to order a collector's copy please go HERE.

Video: copyright Dedicated to


Anonymous said...

you co wrote the book! wow i didn't know you are so influential. but the the book is expensive for for me.

Nick said...

Can't wait to get my copy of the book! I've promoted the book on my blogs and websites!