Thursday, February 23, 2012

Next Stop : The Twilight Zone !

I'd like to come back again on the infamous video of the DCA incident which gets so viral this week that more than 1.200.000 people already watched it on Youtube. But what is interesting is what really happened that day, and it's what i call the "Twilight Zone" effect. As a matter of fact everyone that we see or hear on the video have crossed over into the Twilight Zone without knowing it. Let me explain you a bit more about this, but first let's define what is reality and what is the "Twilight Zone".

I think you'll agree with me that the way a north american see reality is different from a papuan of New Guinea. Both don't see the world the same way, don't believe in the same values, etc... In fact what most people living in a country are doing in common is weaving unconsciously a field of reality. But this field of reality is not the same in all countries because of many factors whether it's traditions or cultural reasons or simply because they believe in different mythologies. And of course there is always the rebels/mavericks who don't want to be trapped in any system, whether they like to be free or simply because they just can't believe in what is for them a "collective illusion".

Now, let's talk about the Twilight Zone. In the original TV series, depending of the episodes, there is many different ways to enter the Twilight Zone, but in many of them there is often a psychological factor. Rod Serling, who was a genius and who knew human beings better than anyone has often used this psychological factor. A good example is the story from an original Twilight Zone episode in which a man has built in his garden an atomic shelter as he believe that an atomic war will come soon. His neighbors are kindly laughing at him until an atomic attack alert is heard. As none of them have built an atomic shelter they're all running in the garden of the one who have one and who is already inside his shelter. And, because the shelter was designed with room only for his family and don't have room for more he refuses to let the neighbors in. Of course the neighbors are now in panic mode and they're yelling at the guy and everyone is almost ready to kill each other to save their own life. Then, if i remind it well, another announcement is heard, saying that it was a false alert or just an exercise alert. But for the man with the shelter and his neighbors life will never be the same as the incident has revealed the true nature of everyone. In this case it's from the moment they all went in panic mode that they entered the Twilight Zone, a zone in which fear has revealed the worse in them.

Let's come back now to the DCA incident - and it's important to remind that it happened right at the entrance of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. If we have a look at the scene we have different characters, but basically, we have on one side the security guy, the Tower of Terror CMs and DCA guests who looks like regular Californians, sharing the same field of reality and on the other side the 53 years old guy who indeed look drunk. And not only drunk as, if you look at him - i should say feel him - he seems to be in a real bad "karma" day, may be the reason why he was drunk.

Now, if you ever got drunk before or be depressive you know that in these moments your field of reality is distorted, that you don't see things as you do usually or as others people do, simply because your mind has moved out of the "collective dream". In this case, the one who has already entered the "Twilight Zone" is the drunk guy, and because he's ready to fight against the "collective field of reality" and its rules and constraints - remember that all began when the TOT CM refused to give him an immediate access to the ride as he had a missing stamp on its Guest Assistance Card delivered to him by the Guest Relations desk for a disability - he's the one who is going to unconsciously attract in the Twilight Zone all the others people involved in that scene.

Just like in the Twilight Zone episode described above the scene will reveal aspects of personalities of each one: the young guys having a laugh without any compassion for the drunk guy on the ground, the security officer who couldn't stop himself to pepper sprayed the drunk guy one more time when it was unnecessary as the drunk guy was cooling down, the lady that we can hear off screen complaining that the guy is drunk - the one yelling histerically "we're at Disneyland" - and finally laughing at the end with a glass of beer in her hands, etc... and i don't mention the three guys jumping on the drunk guy and almost suffocating him, obviously too happy that the time to play the justice league has arrived. Thanks god, they didn't reached the point of the Twilight Zone episode where they were ready to kill each other, but the subconscious of everyone has rised to the surface, and that's how they crossed over in "the Twilight Zone".

And, if i can judge by the dozens of comments left on this video, it seems that most of the viewers have also seen this (comments were disabled on the original video but others people reposted the video and on these other links the comments are still accepted). Some comments are pretty rude but not for the drunk man, mostly for the other people in the scene and especially for the woman yelling in the background.

Disneyland Resort execs can be in "damage control mode" since last monday, i'm afraid that this time the job will be more tough for them as the truth who came out from this passage in the Twilight Zone is such powerful that it won't escape to anyone.


Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure why you're so sympathetic to the drunk guy? He was pulled into the Twilight Zone? No he didn't- he used extremely poor judgement and got very drunk in a public place. What is a bad "Karma" day? I'm not sure what that even means- does it mean that for some reason the universe was against him on that fateful day and circumstances beyond his control conspired against him to culminate in the incident that we can all see on youtube now?

Alain, the whole incident was ugly, there was nothing positive about it. But all I can do is throw my hands up- a useless gesture, but the only one that I'm qualified to make. I'm not sure why you feel qualified to act as jury to the onlookers and the poor security CM who was facing a dangerous situation alone. This drunk guy didn't get sucked into this situation, he CREATED it, sucking these other people into it.

This used to be an interesting blog. I enjoyed the peek it gave to the non US parks, places that I wouldn't see addressed as frequently on other Disney sights. And I'll keep following. But I really don't care for much of your commentary, specifically when you decide to offer your opinions on the United States of America. It's your blog, and you're entitled to your opinions, so do whatever you want, but personal political opinions really don't mix well with the lighthearted Disney fare that I come here for.

Alain Littaye said...

Dear Anonymous, believe me, i have nothing against America or americans. I have dozens of very good americans friends, so really, my post - and the previous one - are NOT anti-americans, really.

What i'm trying to explain in this one is how reality works and what it is to enter the "Twilight Zone". It could had happened in any other country - and even in front of the TOT at the WDS in Paris! - i would have said exactly the same thing.

A good example of a bad karma day: let's say that , for instance (and i don't wish it to you of course) you loose your girl friend and you get fired from your job on the same day, that would be a "bad karma day", right? Or simply when you're in a day where everything is going wrong, whatever you do, that would be a bad karma day, too. You don't need to have all of the universe against you, but it happen that some days we have the feeling "the gods are not with us" (it's an image, of course), this kind of day where we see the glass half empty instead to see it half full, if you see what i mean.

The point on which i agree with you is when you say that the drunk guy "created it, sucking these other people into it". That's all my point: he put himself in his own "twilight zone" and sucked all the others into it. But in fact he didn't wanted to suck them into it, the others people were quietly enjoying the same field of reality and then the incident happened, they stopped to have a look at what was happening - instead to move away and don't care about what was happening - and it's at that point that they were sucked out of their field of reality, and entered in the Twilight Zone created by the drunk guy.

It's very difficult for me to explain this in english, but believe me, it's fascinating to look at what really happened that day in DCA.

spajadigit said...

While I agree with you, anonymous, that the drunk guy created the situation, I'm not sure why you're attacking Alain. His blog, his rules, his opinions.

While I certainly don't agree with everything he writes, I just write it off as a disagreement.

The drunk guy was a douchebag, a fairly common problem at a lot of theme parks around the world. This is just an altercation that was videotaped. The biggest problem was the poor security guy needed a couple more guys to help him out, because he clearly didn't know how to deal with the problem.

Saying that those onlookers and their behavior was strictly an American response, though- maybe in theme parks but I've lived around the world and I've noticed that most people behave the same way no matter who they are or where they are from, especially when alcohol is involved.

Like I said before, hopefully this is a teaching moment and TDA can retrain their staff to deal with something like this a little better.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Leave it alone. Honestly, you are making yourself look bad. And blowing this thing way out of proportion. Should this have happened? No. But would it be any different if this hadn't gone viral on youtube? Yes. No one would have known about it and to the world it would be just another day of fun at the Disneyland Resort

Alain Littaye said...

You don't understand, what is interesting in this story is what it learn about reality. And by the way, i'm pretty sure that the whole story would make a perfect Twilight Zone episode script. I can see clearly what Rod Serling would have made out of it...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alain for the clarification. I know our deepest beliefs are hard to put into written word, and can sometimes be misinterpreted. I'm sure you have feelings about American's that I woudln't necessarily like, and vice versa. Our different backgrounds will innescapably contribute to different views and misunderstanding. I didn't mean to "attack" Alain as spajadigit said, only to offer my opinion on his opinion. That's what the comment section is for right?

I do hate when someone comments on a blog though and tries to dictate what the author can and can't say, and I was trying to be more constructive than that- I prefer my Disney news and articles with less political showboating, that's all.

mrsbumblebee said...

You keep bringing up about the second pepper spraying and how the man was "calming down". Even though he had received direct orders to stay on the ground. If this man had any interest in calming the situation down and resolving the problems, he would have stayed on the ground.

Sure he wasn't actively swinging at that EXACT moment, but he doesn't have to be swinging, and nobody wants or should allow him to take any additional swings. He had attacked the security guard with a hit to the head by this point and kicked him several times. His refusal to stay on the ground where violent people belong so that they can't hurt or scare other people for no good reason. He had his chance to "snap out-of-it" and just sit down like the security guard was commanding him to do.

If he did that, just sat after the first spray, this would have all ended. He brought this on himself.

Anonymous said...

Crazy. You seemed to be obsessed, with what was fundamentally an assault on a cast member by a drunk. Please revert to the high quality blogs you've been doing.

Anonymous said...

Wich video ?
We could understand if we had the link for this video.
Could you send it please ?

Thank you
And your blog is simply amazing !

Anonymous said...

First I don't understand much why we have to go through 2 long post about this incident. Second, why making it such a big dela with the Twilight zone, it's just an incident in a theme Park, this would have made a horrible scenario for a Twilight Zone episode as it's just a normal dude, drunk, in theme park, getting thrown to the ground, nothing extraordinary or paranormal here.

Alain Littaye said...

Here is the video link:

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Of course Alain don't have anything against Americans, he has a blog about Disney! Another episode I think that ilustrates your point, and it's a very good one, is "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thoughtful observations Alain.

Anonymous said...

And Europeans are so civilized with soccer riots.

Give me a break!

This should be more about the lax security at Disneyland.

Alain Littaye said...

For Christ sake, how many times will i have to say that this is NOT a post against americans!