Monday, February 20, 2012

DLP Space Mountain trains will get new Vekoma harness fall 2012 !

It doesn't look like but this is a major news for all guests planning to visit Disneyland Paris: each seat of all Space Mounain trains will have soon a new harness designed by Vekoma. And this will change EVERYTHING. The ride will of course will stay the same, but at least you won't be afraid anymore to break your neck during the two and a half minutes beloved attraction. Because, let's say it frankly, DLP Space Mountain has became along the years almost dangerous to ride and you now get more hurt than pleasure.

DLP Space Mountain is indeed the fastest of all Space Mountains and the loop, corkscrew and others inversions which were fun at its 1995 opening are now not that fun anymore due to the natural wear of the track. And the seats harness are not protecting you anymore from the train vibrations. In two words: DLP Space Mountain is not anymore the pleasure that it was ten years ago.

And that's why this new Vekoma harness is a real good news. This new hydraulic harness is totally different than the previous one and the head will be free, so no more knocks of the head. Last week, Vekoma came at DLP to test it and installed this new harness at the last row of one Space Mountain train. Then, they asked DLP cast members if they would like to test it. Several CM did try it and all were literally in heaven when the train came back at the boarding station. Basically, thanks to the new harness "it's night and day" from the previous one and the ride just become exhilarating again. No pictures were allowed during this test but according to a CM who did it the harness look exactly like the one on the picture below.

But, as there is always a "but", according to the Vekoma guys who were there Space Mountain trains won't be equipped with this new harness before the end of 2012. If there is no technical or theming problems as the trains might need to be transformed a bit if the new harness is larger than the previous one. So, if you come at DLP before the end of 2012 either avoid to ride Space Mountain until the trains gets the new harness....or ride it and take an appointment to your nearest chiropractor!

One more thing, as Steve would have said: the galaxy picture above is not one of those projected during the ride but it's the new official wallpaper which will be released with the new Mac OS X " Mountain Lion " next summer. Just a little gift for my readers who have a Mac - although the wallpaper will fit also perfectly on a PC! Double click on it to get it in big size.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Apple Inc

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Anonymous said...

Great news!
Let's hope they come up with a similar solution for the Indy-rollercoaster, because the final part of the ride (after the loop) causes even more neck-problems than SM. Although I think this coaster is built by a different company, right?

Tai said...

I wish they would re-theme it to "from earth to moon" on this occasion. But I doubt that this is gonna happen before 25th birthday. It is also likely that will never happen. On the DLRP management must have noticed the mistake of "Mission 2" by now.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, this is about time! Even 10 years ago, the ride was a safety hazard! I rode it for the last time back in 2002 - my head got smashed so hard against the restraint that the thought of filing suit against the park popped upin my head, seriously. I have not ridden it ever since. And it was not just the track - the train i had before run a bit smoother (also it helps when you´re in the first row of a car, as you can see better)

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the ride was that rough, at least not compared to most other Vekoma coasters. Nice that its getting improved though.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't think that it's that rough either. One thing I like about roller coasters in the most sophisticated parks like Disney and Universal is that they are much smoother than in regular ones.

In Paris, I thought that the roller coasters at park Astérix were much rougher than SM or IJ. But nevertheless it's great that it's being improved!

I also hope that one day, they bring from earth to moon back! I love Jules Verne, and it was a perfect match with the Nautilus near by, the overall theme of Discoveryland and France.

C. Ling said...

Any news on this, haven't seen anything recent about it :(

I agree btw with the fact that it isn't that rough, sure it could be smoother, so I do think the new harnesses will be an improvement.

Now just get rid of the horrible theme inside the mountain, give us back the moon and have some decent audio in the new trains!!!!!!