Saturday, February 18, 2012

20 Years of Disneyland Paris in just four minutes ! Plus: DLP 2011 Annual Report

Disneyland Paris has released the 2011 Annual Report and this year, instead than releasing the AP on a PDF they've created a new web site on which you will find several videos, including a introduction by DLP CEO Philippe Gas. Among the videos there is one which shows 20 years of DLP in just four minutes. It's of course a bit fast but it seems that it's now the big fashion to do this kind of editing ( i saw another one yesterday which was showing all the new features of the upcoming new Mac OS " Mountain Lion" in just two minutes! ). Of course when a video editing goes that fast it doesn't have any sense, except to be sure that the viewer will see everything to the end. When we live in a world where everyone complain if an internet page don't upload In less than one second you must not be surprised if these kind of video editing will happen more and more...

That said, here is the video, and good luck to identify each scene of these "20 years of DLP"!


You've probably note the name of the video: "Disneyland Paris Generation" and they're right those who are now 20 were born when Disneyland Paris opened By the way, when you'll jump to the Annual Report web site HERE don't forget to click on the top on the little english flag to access the english version!

Talking about DLP i remind you that my DLP book is currently on its way to be reprint and that it's the right time to place your pre-order for a collector's copy. The book will be reprint for sure next month, and that's one more good reason to pre-order your collector copy right now, specially considering that during the pre-order period which will end in a few weeks you also have a 20% discount on what will be the final price of the book. I repost below the video showing you each page of the book and to know how to order and send your payment please go HERE. Paypal or bank wire transfer payments are accepted.

Picture and DLP 20 Years video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

The '20 years of DLP'-video ... what a wasted opportunity! Why not make it 2 minutes longer and use a reasonable (and viewable!!!) editing-speed? Even when you pause it every half second you still miss several images. What's the point of it when you miss more than half of the great (and beautiful!!!) footage?
By the way, I have no problem at all with fast editing, but there are LIMITS to it. Let's say that in The Bourne Ultimatum it reaches its viewer-friendly limit. But DLP edits even faster ... a missed opportunity for a great montage.

Anonymous said...

I loved the video WDI's Tom Morris did for the D23 show last summer at Disneyland, which gave one a chance to focus. Yes they could have followed that example on the DLP video and slowed it down. Rusty