Sunday, February 12, 2012

HKDL Golden Mickey's Show - Full Show Video

The Golden Mickey's show at Hong Kong Disneyland is one of my favorite. It's a real good show, the kind of "real good show" that we'll be happy to have at Disneyland Paris! Until recently it was hard to find on Youtube a video showing the full show in one video. It was possible to find the whole show cut in 5 or 7 parts and in not very good definition, but not in one part. Then Harryreddevil came and posted one week ago his video showing the whole show in just one part, and so it's the right time to discover this great show if you've never been to Hong Kong Disneyland! Definitely watch it in full screen mode.

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Video: copyright Harryreddevil

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Anonymous said...

If I would be an Imagineer, I would put this show into the Cinemagique building in the studios and make it a one-show-a-day event (including a red-carpet pre-parade). And during the day it would show a 3D movie or something... It really fits the studios!!

renderman7 said...

thats a bad quality video.. i have a much better one i will upload and link it..

Anonymous said...

I loved this show. But.. the queue there is one of the ugliest in any Disney parks I've ever known. :/