Monday, February 13, 2012

1960's United Airlines Jungle Cruise Ad

Here is a nice old United Airlines Ad to begin the week. Back in the 1960's United Airlines was an official partner of Disneyland and United being an airline company flying around the world the link with the Jungle Cruise was natural.

Picture: copyright Disney - Thanks to DCP Facebook page!


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Nice ad, thanks for posting!

So after 1962 United replaced TWA as Disneyland's official airlines.

The moonliner received a Douglas sponsorship, instead of a United one, so I guess that this is also one of the reasons why they chose the Jungle Cruise for the ad...

Anonymous said...

That can't be John Lasseter at the helm back in the mid 60's as the lady's hairstyles are much like Doris Day's of that time. Great color. A lot of airline flew through Disneyland over the years. R1