Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Epcot Horizons Resurrected

Thanks to Screamscape i've discovered last week the amazing Horizons: Resurrected web site. And let me tell you that the project and the work of Chris Wallace is truly amazing as he is literally recreating Epcot beloved attraction - no kidding!

You saw last week the amazing work of the CGI Star Tours which was great, but here you can actually move inside Horizons building, enter, go back if you wish, and with a move of your mouse look at the ceiling or the floor, turn at 360 degrees, etc... In two words it's exactly like if you were back in this attraction which should have never became an extinct attraction - but that's another problem.

You have to know that it is a work in progress, i.e that Horizons recreation is not finished yet. Chris has already done the Horizons building, all the entrance, the pre-show room and the boarding room - and you can actually board inside one of Horizons vehicle which will begin to move like in the real ride - and also the very first scenes with Jules Verne and the vision of the future from the 50's.

Which means that Chris has still a lot of work and it will probably take him some months or years to finish this Horizons resurrection. That said, you have all the audio file till the end, even if the scenes are not recreated yet. The program is using a small software called Unity which you 'll be ask to install and it'll take just five minutes and it's free. Once it's done you'll be able to live this amazing experience to re-discover and move inside an attraction which would be gone forever if someone like Chris didn't had the brilliant idea to bring it back to life!

Horizons Resurrected web site is HERE and for those who have missed it i remind you my former tribute to Horizons with plenty of pictures of the ride as well as a video that you can see HERE.

Pictures: copyright Horizons: Resurrected


Tom said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the link.
Do you also know www.atommobiles.com (or themightymicroscope.com) for a website dedicated to Adventure Trough Inner Space? That's also cool :)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

They have really done an amazing job! It's really cool indeed...

Regarding the attraction, it was good, but I like Mission Space better, so I can't say that I miss it. Anyway I never had much love for EPCOT.

The attractions that I really miss on the Resort are the MK ones, especially 20,000 leagues under the sea (that was my favorite attraction ever), Skyway and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The worst thing is that they never built something nearly as good as these mentioned attractions in their place. Little Mermaid is going to be nice, but much inferior to the epic 20,000 leagues, and there's nothing to replace the Skyway.

The MK will take a very long time (if ever) to be as good as it was the first time I've been there, when it was celebrating it's 20th anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where that Robert McCall mural is today that was in the front of the Horizons attraction?? With McCalls passing in 2010, it would be great if Disney reused that mural in a futuristic restaurant. Buck Fan