Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cars Land Officially Open ! Day and Night High-Res Videos

Cars Land is officially opening today and i have some beautifully filmed Mega HD videos for you who will show you the land "just like if you were there". The videos shot by SoCalAdventureHD1 are filmed so smoothly that sometime i thought he used a steadycam!

But let's begin first by this cool Cars Land TV Ad which include some nice piece of animation by Pixar.

Cars Land entrance is literally jaw-dropping when guests suddenly discover Ornament Valley mountains...

The videos i posted some days ago of Radiator Springs Racers were really good but the quality of the image on these two, showing the two versions, is so "crystal clear" that you'll be able to see amazing details of the ride.

Same with this new video of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree...

...and this new one of Luigi's Flying Tires.

SoCalAdventureHD1 also filmed the great Flo's V8 Café Restaurant and you're gonna discover the stunning view on Ornament Valley that the restaurant guests have while they are eating. Definitely the place to eat when you are in Cars Land!

Right in front of Flo's V8 is the Cozy Cone Motel Snack Stand which looks pretty cool too!

When night comes the Cars Land Neon Lighting moment is a wow and not to be missed as you will see on this Mouse Planet video.

Want to see how great Radiator Springs Racer looks at night? Here is two great videos, the first one by Da

...and the second one by Theme Park Review.

I also updated my previous Cars Land and Buena Vista Street with new videos that you may haven't seen yet. Check them HERE, HERE and HERE.

Videos: copyright Disney, Mouse Planet, Da Mouse, Theme Park Review and SoCalAdventureHD1 whom i congratulate a lot for the quality of their videos!

Photo: Andy Castro from Mice Chat

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