Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walt and Mickey “Storytellers” statue unveiled today at Buena Vista Street

The new “Storytellers” statue of Walt with Mickey showing Walt at his arrival in L.A in 1923 was unveiled today at Buena Vista Street, in the new hub of Disney California Adventure. Ray Spencer, creative director for Buena Vista Street, explained last year on the Disney Parks Blog the story behind the statue when the model was unveiled at D23 Expo:

How does this statue help tell the story of Buena Vista Street?

It is a young Walt Disney as you would have seen him when he just stepped off the train from Kansas City in 1923, arriving in California to pursue his dreams. The street is set in the time period between 1923-1937, the time when Walt arrived and subsequently innovated, risked and created the studio that is the origin of all that The Walt Disney Company has become. He is located on the ground, not on a pedestal or planter, so that he is accessable to guests – “one of us.” Early Los Angeles (Buena Vista Street) is Walt’s land of opportunity and dreams at this time, and metaphorically it is for our guests as well!

Tell us what is going on in the scene depicted in the statue.

Walt has just arrived in California from Kansas City, and as he looks around in wonder and optimism, the world is his oyster to realize his dreams.
The statue is also an amalgam of young Walt and early Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse – although not created until after Walt’s arrival in Los Angeles – was, according to story, created on a train and was part of Walt’s travels and his muse, and is a fitting travel partner.

How does this statue compliment the iconic Partners statue at Disneyland park?

It could be considered a “bookend” in that in Disneyland park, the Partners statue is a mature Walt and Mickey, already wildly successful and the guests are the benefactors of their effort. Walt has realized his dreams and is sharing with us. Also, the Partners statue is more of a “monument” at Disneyland park.
In Disney California Adventure park, the statue is of young Walt as he arrived in Los Angeles, and at this point in time nobody knew who he was. He is one of us, and his optimism and enthusiasm are yet to be proven. In a way at this point in his life he is “everyman” but you can see it on his face, and in Mickey’s, that through this remarkable individual’s dreams and efforts, something great is going to happen.

How did you decide on the placement of the statue?

We wanted it in the new Hub, facing the center and on the street corner, so that he is one of our guests. We also wanted him near the Carthay Circle Theatre so that he could be part of that scene as well."

Except if i'm wrong, i think that a smaller size replica of the statue is on sale in DCA Stores, as you can see above on this picture from Andy Castro from Mice Chat, which might interest those of you who like it,.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Andy Castro

Ray Spencer interview: copyright Disney


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Very nice statue, I like it better than the partners one.

Walt is very well done and I loved his suitcase, with reference to the Laugh-o-gram and his earlier publicity.

I think that Mickey is out of place though, because Walt is supposed to have just arrived from Kansas City in 1923 and Mickey will only come more than 5 years later.

Walt shoud be holding hands with Virginia Davis that literally came with him to Hollywood, that would be a nice homage to the Alice shorts and to the first Disney Legend.

Nevertheless, I can understand the use of Mickey, but if they had to use him they should at least have used Mickey from Plane Crazy or Steamboat Willie, not the 1930's Mickey design.

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