Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Disneyland Paris 20 Years of Dreams Book Review

Here is my review of the Disneyland Paris, 20 years of Dreams book which was released by the park itself to celebrate the 20th anniversary. To make things perfectly clear from the start this is a totally different book than my Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality book. In fact "20 Years of Dreams" starts where my DLP book was ending, i.e it's not a book about the creation of the park and it's not a book about Imagineering, it's a book in which you'll see everything that happened at Disneyalnd Paris during its first 20 years.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have done in the past this kind of book celebrating the previous years and generally this kind of book is done in a "corporate" way which is not good news. But here it's not the case as - here is the good news - the book was done by DLP fans , in this case Jérémie Noyer and Mathias Dugoujon who are the two book authors, FOR the fans, and to be honest, they did a pretty good job.

The book has 192 pages and include hundred of pictures of virtually everything that happened at DLP since 1992. From the park's special events and attraction openings, to the Walt Disney Studios opening you'll find pictures of everything. And this includes too a foreword by Tom Staggs and DLP CEO Philippe Gas and even a bit about DLP future projects not in terms of attractions but mostly about the Villages Nature project which should open in 2016.

There is some renderings in the book too and even some which were not include in my book, but not that much. Not because there is no more artworks available but mainly because WDI didn't gave them the authorization to reproduce artworks of "DLP that never was" concepts. That said, you'll find some nice artworks, beginning by this great one showing an early concept for DLP Walt Disney Studios, in the book reproduced on a double page.

The book has a size more or less similar to the famous Walt Disney Imagineering book and 192 pages with french and english text both on the same pages. Contrary to my DLP book they didn't did two separate editions, probably mainly for costs and stock reasons and sometime you can feel there is a bit too much text on some pages but so far this must not stop you to order the book. The layouts of the book, considering the number of pictures have probably not been easy to do but in general they did a good job and here are some inside pages as examples.

Now, the book is sold at DLP parks and ONLY at DLP parks, so the question is: how can you order it? Here is the answer: if you're planning to go at DLP anytime soon the best is to buy it once you'll be there. Here are the shops where you can find it: World of Disney, The Disney Gallery, The Disney Animation Gallery, Walt Disney Studios Store, Emporium, Storybook Store, Harrington’s, La Boutique du Château and Galerie Mickey.

Now, if you don't plan to come at DLP and want to order the book from where you live here is how to do it: you can order the book through DLP Mail order service either by calling them at 33 164744486 or 33 164744848 or by email at: Don't forget to specify them where you live.

The book cost 49.99 EUROS ( 64 U.S $ ) and here are the shipping costs: for a shipping in France: 8 euros, to the U.K and probably others european countries: 10 euros. For the U.S.A: 31 euros ( 39 U.S $ ).

The most important thing to remember to don't be disappointed is, as i've said, that it's not a book about Imagineering. If you're looking for a book which brings you great memories of what happened at DLP the last 20 years then 20 years of Dreams is definitely the right book and any DLP fan will love it.

And for anything about DLP creation and Imagineering then the right book is my Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality book on which you'll find more infos and can order HERE.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

i have to spesify something dear Alain , THE CONCEPT ART THAT YOU MENTIONED IT was NA EARLY AERTWORK OF WALT DINEY STUDIOS apparently it didnt ! That was an artwork for the original second park of the EURODISNEY RESORT PARIS that never build instead of that we can find a half park with a studio theme which can easily described as one of the ugliest disney parks thank you and sorry for beeing bad with WALT DISNEY STUDIOS PARK but unfortunately thats the truth

EmmaC92 said...

I was in DLP just a few days ago and bought this book specifically so it could go along side my copy of Sketch to Reality. Flicking through it I was amazed at the quality of the photos and of the book in general and I am sure it is something that will be re-read over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a copy this weekend in 'The Storybook Store' and the book is very nice indeed - Well worth the price, with many nice reproductions of park artwork and lots of large double page spreads of before and after images