Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies

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Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon and one of the most legendary hero of all time died today, following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures after a heart surgery earlier this month. For those, just like me, who watched live his first steps on the Moon, Armstrong will be forever a legendary figure. I have been always amazed how good NASA's choice has been by choosing Armstrong to be "the one". He definitely had the needed skills to be Apollo 11 mission commander, but the first man to ever walk on the moon needed also something else: innocence, and Armstrong had a genuine innocence which was just perfect.

Neil Armstrong gave very few interviews since 1969, but here is two of them, one for the BBC in 1970, and the second, recorded in 2009.

Disneyland fans will also remember when Neil armstrong himself came in 2005 ago for the Grand re-opening of the "new" Space Mountain during Disneyland 50th Celebration!

Here is the video of the Space Mountain ceremony where you'll see Neil Armstrong speech.

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Ruka said...

It is very sad that he died but he will be in our memories forever as the first man on the moon!

i didn't know that he was in Disneyland in 2005. That was a great thing!

Anonymous said...

Alain, Neil Armstrong was another of the "Right Stuff" Edwards Test Pilots I grew up around in the late 50's. My father would end up building all the pilots homes at Edwards and in Lancaster, like WED's VP Gordon Cooper. Neil would fly the X-15 as well as co-pilot with my friends father Stanley Butchart(he and George Bush Jr. were linked as pilots). I never got to meet Neil while working on the WDW and DL Space Mountains. Great Man from a Great Era. JohnPatrick

Shawn said...

Neil was a true American hero. Thanks for posting this and his association with Disney. RIP Neil.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's sad. RIP.