Monday, August 20, 2012

Shanghaî Disneyland Hotels Plans Released

The plans of Shanghaî Disneyland two first hotels have been released officially. No renderings here, just plans but still plenty of interesting infos. I remind you that one of the hotels is rumored to be a 5 stars hotel with a design close to the one of the Grand Floridian ( or the one of the Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ) and that the other hotel is supposed to be a 3 or 4 stars hotel with a Toy Story theme.

Now, here are the plan of the two hotels that were uploaded on the Shanghai International Resort website - click on each to enlarge the pictures. According to the chinese Luke and the Temple of Fun website - who kindly sent to me the pictures and did the chinese text translation - the first hotel - plan below - will be located near the lake and is supposed to have seven floors, a Ballroom, a big car park in the back and playgrounds in the front which probably will include a pool. For me this is the one which is supposed to have a victorian colonial style. And if you check its location on the picture above - Hotel 1 - you'll see that although the hotel will be on the other side of the lake, opposite to SDL magic kingdom, it'll be right in front of the SDL castle which will be perfect to watch the evening fireworks.

The next one apparently looks smaller and according to Luke's translation "the center of the hotel will be the highest and the others parts will feature a "staircase" design". This one should be probably the Toy Story themed hotel and if you look again at the picture at the top showing its location - Hotel 2 - you'll see that this second hotel is close to the west side of the park, in fact almost right in front where Toy Story Land is supposed to be as we've seen on the SDL blueprint leaked recently and posted on Screamscape HERE or also on Luke's site HERE. For this reason i'm almost sure that this second hotel will be the one with the Toy Story theme.

Shanghaî Disneyland is supposed to have four hotels and we can see on the top map the location for a third one near the lake and in the back of SDL Adventureland, but they might build only two at the start and then the two others.

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shanghaî Disney Resort

Many thanks to Luke and the Temple of Fun website


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

A Disney Victorian style hotel is always excellent, but a Toy Story themed hotel is a terrible idea!

Luke said...

Marco I agree with you!
I don't like the Toy Story series either...

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced by the Toy Story theme, but at least it looks like it will be an appropriate backdrop to Toy Story Land. The other hotel looks like it may be most similar to the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (similar in scale and similar landscaping around it).

I wonder whether the Adventureland hotel will have its own private access to the park through Adventureland? Since (unlike the Toy Story hotel) there's no road between the hotel and the park.

Also,the other hotel location identified on the map (to the left of the victorian hotel) seems VERY small.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't dislike the Toy Story franchise, I mean, I don't like the characters and the franchise much to be honest, but I think that the movies are excellent, especially the third one, it's cinema of the highest quality!

What I think it's a terrible idea is to base a whole hotel on only one movie franchise. They could make a "cheap" hotel based on the Pixar characters, or one like the All Stars, or the Animators motel, which I don't particularly like, but it makes sense in a Disney Resort...

Luke said...

I see your point Marco.
Well when I look at the plans, I kinda think that the hotel will be built like a house made of toy bricks! It's like we are living in one of the toy houses and we look out and see all the other toys in the garden.

That is exciting! At least for me.
If they just decorate the hotel with posters and characters...That will be a miss!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, thanx. I notice the lot size for each hotel is less than half of the site available.