Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Disney Frozen First Trailer!

I'm pleased to resume D&M updates with this first trailer of Disney's next animated movie "Frozen". And for once we get it from Japan, as Disney Japan released the full trailer after excerpts of it were aired by a Japanese TV two days ago. Disney released a teaser recently which was not showing the main characters and fans were not very enthusisatic, this shouldn't be the case with what you will see below.

Trailer: copyright Disney


Don in San Diego said...

Hi Alain,

On the right side of the website, it says there are still Signed English copies available. Is this true?

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Anonymous said...

I am disappointed by how bland the characters and the story line seems now in comparison to the original screenplay we learned about in 2008 about two young friends and an evil queen. The difference between what could have been and what we're getting is comparable to "The Kingdom of the Sun" and "The Emperor's New Groove." Elsa could have been a more powerful and godlike character instead of our current jealous antagonist sister.

Alain Littaye said...

Hello Don, sorry for the delay in my answer. Yes, it's true, there is still some english copies available of the DLP book.