Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pirates of Caribbean Original Artwork

What can be better than to discover rare artwork of a Disneyland beloved attraction? Today, here is a collection of rare Marc Davis renderings created for Pirates of Caribbean. Below, a picture of Marc in the 1960's at work.

You may know some of the renderings below, but a lot of them are pretty rare and the main reason is because they show scenes ideas that were not used in the attraction. So, enjoy them!

The two renderings below are not from Marc Davis. In fact, this next one is probably from Colin Campbell...

...and this gray pencil sketch of the Fortress with the boat ascending was done by Herb Ryman.

These last renderings below show scenes ideas that were used in the final attraction. Note that other renderings also related to scenes of the attraction were previously posted in the special "Behind the scenes" Pirates of Caribbean article that you can see HERE. Enjoy them all!

The two next renderings show the end scene of the WDW version.

And this last one, not only is not from Marc Davis as it was created by Herb Ryman, but also should be at the top of the renderings above - that i've try to put more or less in "chronological" order - as it is a concept art for the very first "Blue Bayou" scene.

All Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Awesome artwork from Imagineering at its best!