Sunday, August 11, 2013

D23 Expo Parks and Resorts Pavilion "Journey Into Imagineering " - Part Two

There we go for the part two of Andy Castro and Nicholas Miranda's pictorial report on the Journey into Imagineering pavilion, and we'll continue the visit by the "Architecture Imagineering" section which as its title say it is about the exterior and interior architectural design of an attraction, in this case a big part of the displayed documents are related to HKDL Mystic Manor. As always click on each pic to see them in big size and if you missed the part one you will find it HERE.

The Experience Development Lab introduces new technologies and among them  the upcoming My Magic + magic band.

WDI Imagineers didn't disclose a lot about the Avatar land but show only an area with elements that Imagineers brought back from Pandora - no kidding. Elements which help them to design the Avatar land rides but even if there is some hints you won't get a lot of infos out of this about this Avatar land which will open at Animal Kingdom in 2017.

But there is also some partly hidden very interesting renderings...

Next in the visit, the Show Production section and Show Animation sections of the exhibit.

Also display, some renderings for the new Disney Magic Marvel Avengers Academy kids area.

Let's have a look at the "Dimensional Design" room.

Some models or sculptures of the Astro Orbiter, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and many more....

Let's enter the Research and development room!

A never seen before early concept model for Spaceship Earth!

Here are the precious programming console thanks to which WDI programmers bring to life the Audio-Animatronics like the new one of the Hat Box Ghost below.

And here is two great videos showing the new Hat Box Ghost Audio-Animatronic in action!

As you've seen WDI Imagineers did a great work and we will end this report on the Disney Parks pavilion by a great video filmed by Thomas the Imagineer which will show you the full exhibit including the great pre-show!

Find more Andy Castro reports on the D23 Expo on Mice Age starting tomorrow monday!

Pictures by Andy Castro and Nicholas Miranda - Dateline Disneyland

Videos: copyright Thomas the Imagineer or Dateline Disneyland

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The exhibit is nicely done, but nothing new was disclosed, except for the awesome HBG AA that is certainly the highlight of the expo!

I hope to see him soon back in the attic!