Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kung Fu Panda Ride Coming at Universal Studios Singapore ?

According to Stefan Zwanzger's excellent Themeparx site the new "family ride" coming to Universal Studios Singapore will be a Kung Fu Panda ride, and, as the infos of Themeparx are generally pretty reliable, it might be the real thing.

Although they didn't say what it will be it has been announced officially by Universal Singapore and Luke, from Luke and the temple of fun site has posted pictures of the announcement HERE.

The ride will be built on the piece of land between the Shrek Far Far Away land and the Waterworld stunt show - close to Jurassic Park " Lost World " land - and Themeparx has posted some pictures of the land and early works that you can see HERE.

Good idea to have chosen a Kung Fu Panda theme for a park located in Asia though i'm still wondering how will fit a Kung Fu Panda theming between Shrek castle and Jurassic Park...

Pictures: copyright Dreamworks, Luke and the temple of fun


Luke said...

So it's going to be KUNG FU PANDA!

Herman Saksono said...

I'm curious how USS would theme the transition from The Lost World to Far Far Away for a ride that is set in China. It would be interesting.

Travel Delight said...

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