Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Real Star Wars Tours : Return to Tatooine

When Georges Lucas filmed StarWars Episode 4 "A New Hope", the scenes located on the planet Tatooine were shot in the Tunisia desert where the production built the Tatooine set. 35 years later the Tatooine set is still there and can be visited by tourists during special tours... but as you will see in the CNN video below the sand of the desert is slowly but surely moving upon the sets threatening "Tatooine" to disappear...


Taieb Jaloulli is a tunisian art director working in movies since three decades who helped building the Tatooine sets. Since then he built in the north of the country Empire Studios on 24 acres of land, a stunning movie studios with already built sets including the biggest reproduction of ancient Rome. Have a look at the next video, it's amazing!

Videos: copyright CNN

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