Friday, October 25, 2013

Tony Sherg "Minimalist" Disneyland Attractions Posters

Everybody love Disneyland attraction posters and so does illustrator Tony Sherg, living in Orange County, California. And Tony understood that sometime, as would have said Steve Jobs, "less is more". So he designed his own Disneyland attractions posters in a "minimalist" way, and this makes them very different than the one we know from WDI, but personally i think he did a great job.

You'll find below a selection of my favorites and you can see more posters from Tony on his website HERE or on his Facebook page HERE. Click on each to see them in high-res size and let me know which one you prefer! Many thanks to Tony for his kind authorization to post them here, on Disney and more!

Tony also did iPhone wallpapers of some of his posters, like the "Peter Pan's Flight" one below and you can see them on his website HERE.

Pictures: copyright Tony Sherg


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Yes, those posters are VERY nice!

I liked the Haunted Mansion poster the most, but they are all great!

K. Martinez said...

All nice posters! The Indiana Jones Adventure caught my eye.

Laurel Miller-Jones said...

Are any of these for sale? Particularly the Big Thunder one? Thanks!

Alain Littaye said...

Honestly, Laurel, i have no idea. The best would be to send a message directly to Tony through his Facebook page, see link at the top of the article.