Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disneyland Mr Toad's Wild Ride HD Video

For many, Disneyland's Mr Toad's Wild Ride is the quintessence of a dark ride, and i think they're right. It's also one of the rare rides that were there on DL opening day, and still there.
Now that the ride is extinct at WDW Magic Kingdom, Disneyland is the only place on Earth where you can ride it. We do have a Toad Hall restaurant at DIsneyland Paris, but not the ride itself.

Mr Toad's Wild Ride is known to be difficult to filmed because of both the lighting and the car speed but a usual Theme Park HD did a great video of it, and here it is. Don't forget too to download the high-res attraction poster above as this one is almost impossible to find in good quality. In fact the one above is a recreation exactly like the original attraction poster by Mice Chat member joeyhalderman who did a fantastic job.

Video: copyright ThemeParkHD

Picture: copyright Disney

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I LOVE this dark ride! I'm really looking forward to seeing it with improved effects on Disneyland's 60th anniversary!

And that's for sure the best filming of this dark ride I've ever seen, they did a fantastic job!

I also love Disney Mr. Toad's animation and the character himself, for me it's one of the best Disney characters of all time!

I miss the times when things were simpler...