Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Pictorial Tribute to Walt !

Let's give today a great tribute to Walt with a selection of pictures at different time of his life, all in excellent quality and definition, and for the most never posted before on Disney and more. The first picture above of Walt standing with the Disneyland Monorail is, i think, my favorite picture of Walt. Below, Walt in his office, probably in the 1930's.

In Paris, probably early 1950's.

The next picture shows Walt with Davy Crockett played by Fess Parker.

Below, Walt with the model of Don Diego de la Vega hacienda as well as renderings, probably during the filming of the Zorro TV series.

Walt, in front of his collection of Oscars and Awards. How can a human being get so many awards!

In front of Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle with the King of Morroco.

At Disneyland, talking with someone on Town Square.

Walking on the track on the now extinct Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland attraction.

With Ward Kimball and plenty of locomotives in the 1950's.

At Disneyland with his grand son, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Walt at WED Enterprises with Imagineer Harriet Burns.

With Imagineer Rolly Crump at the 1964 New York World Fair. Edited: In fact it seems that the picture was shot at WED before bringing the tower that you can see behind Walt and Rolly to the New York Expo. You can see the California hills behind them. Thanks to the reader who notified me!

A black and white and larger frame version of the famous picture with Walt presenting the future location of Walt Disney World.

One of the last picture of Walt, introducing to the American audience the concept of Epcot 'the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow".

Pictures: copyright Disney


Matt said...

So good. Thanks for sharing these, Alain.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. The picture with Rolly Crump is at WED before the tower was shipped east. See the mountains/hills in the background.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Many beautiful pictures; thanks!

Amir Al-Zubi said...


"... talking with someone on Town Square." is this possible king of Morocco?

Thanks for sharing:)