Thursday, April 10, 2014

D&M Exclusive : Disneyland Paris 1992 Grand Opening Report - Part Two: April 11, 1992 By Michael Sandstrom

Here is the part two of Michael Sandstrom fantastic report on Disneyland Paris Grand Opening. In this part two Michael at last enter the park on April 10, 1992, one day before Grand Opening day, thanks to his credential as journalist. If you've missed the part one article, you'll find it HERE.

Michael Sandstrom:

Here i am, on April 11. not very flattering photo, but my record of actually entering EuroDisneyland myself on April 11, 1992. We were allowed to explore the place on this beautiful day, free to eat and drink anything. 

Below, and on the top, a series of pictures showing Adventureland as guests could discover it on April 11, 1992.

The April 11 Preview of Disneyland Paris parade - now extinct - was incredibly spectacular with its animated floats and an amazing Audio-Animatronic dragon!

Let's enter Fantasyland! On the picture below the tables for the party coming in the evening are already in place.

Lovely views all around!

Water is tying everything together...

The windmill was already there, without the buckets...

A not-so-good picture of the now extinct IASW post-show...

DLP Discoveryland on April 11, and the "fire on water" effect at the entrance!

At late afternoon, on April 11, everyone was cleared out of the park for a few hours while they set up the party and asked to return again later that early evening. Everyone headed to the open bars at all the hotels for a few hours. My position in the Disneyland Hotel gave me a nice vantage for great photos of officially arriving celebrities, the ones that you will see tomorrow in the part 3 article! 

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Pictures: copyright Michael Sandstrom


Unknown said...

I loved the two reports! I'm willing to see more!

Glenn said...

These pictures make me very nostalgic. I remember that parade, unfortunately the quality of the parades isn't the same anymore these days

SWW said...

Great series. So cool to see the park pristine, yet naked (before the plantings had a chance to grow in).

Unknown said...

Hi have you any pictures of alice in wonderland and cinderella in 1992 as it was me and i would love to show my daughter

Alain Littaye said...

Np,i'm sorry, i don't have pics of alice in wonderland and cinderella in 1992.