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D&M Exclusive : Disneyland Paris 1992 Grand Opening Report - Part Four : April 12 Opening Celebration By Michael Sandstrom

In this part four of Michael Sandstrom fantastic report on Disneyland Paris Grand Opening, Michael share with us great pictures of the April 12 Grand Opening Celebration. Exactly 22 Years ago, Disneyland Paris was officially open!

Michael Sandstrom:

It was finally April 12, 1992, the official Opening Day of EuroDisneyland, and definitely a memorable day. The press was allowed into the park early on opening day, so i tool a taxi from Paris at dawn and made my way down Main Street very early. The weather was still lovely in the morning for the celebration events but then got quite cloudy, and raining by early evening. Fortunately, by then, i was staying right at the front gate in the Disneyland Paris Hotel, on its first night.

This is Main Street U.S.A as DLP first guests discovered it on April 12. 

On the next pictures, if you look well, you'll see not so subtle video production tools on the rooftops of the City Hall and the Walt's restaurant.

This was about the time George Lucas was standing along a flower bed behind me. Far from the crowds to come when Michael Eisner escorted the first family in along with the general public.

The entrance of DLP Frontierland with Fort Comstock, as shot on April 12 Opening Day.

Michael Eisner rides down Main Street towards the hub, with Mickey and the first official family on the morning of 12 April 1992, and the marching band behind them. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing as you can see on the picture.

Sleeping Beauty Castle on April 12 with a Mickey topiary at the center of Central Plaza.

Flagmen started to climb the Castle west hillside, as trumpeters started to descend from the turrets and fill the balconies.

Then, horsemen arrived and lead in a cavalcade of all the famous characters.

Real doves were released ( the original Disneyland had pigeons standing in for them ).

Disney executives and the first park ambassador, Sabine Marcon, gave welcoming speeches. 

A unique colorful daytime fireworks was the final welcoming gesture as the park marked its formal opening to the public!

Disneyland Paris dedication plaque, on Town Square was unveiled that day . 

Some opening day Discoveryland pictures.

I would come back to the park in 1994 when work had started on the building of Space Mountain in Discoveryland, pictures that you will see tomorrow in the "additional" article!

As for 1992, my own departure was by car ( not a taxi this time ), from the Disneyland Paris Hotel east entrance on 14 April 1992....

Don't miss tomorrow Michael last article and i think we can all thank him a lot to have share these rare opening day pictures! 
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Pictures: copyright Michael Sandstrom


K. Martinez said...

I love the shot of Frontierland with the Fort Comstock entrance and Big Thunder Mountain rising behind it. I'm really enjoying the this series.

Anonymous said...

#vision1992 - what a wonderful series of the original glory of EDL.

Bearride - Raymond said...

Main Street looked SOOOOO much better without those stupid light poles..... :)

Mickey's best friend said...

Thanks Michael and disneyandmore for this awesome stories and photos! :)
I'll be there in the end of the month.