Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DLP Update : Swing Into Spring Full Report - Part Two with Four HD Videos !

Here we go for the part two about Disneyland Paris "Swing into Spring" update thanks to gorgeous pictures of Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. In this part two you'll see all about the Disney's Spring Promenade show. If you've missed the part one with the Welcome to Spring show you'll find it HERE.

But first, on Central Plaza the topiaries are always present and the flowerbeds are properly installed with plenty of beautiful colors.

The train previously used with Disney characters is parked there from 11:40 to 15h because of the several performances of the Disney's Spring Promenade show during which the train is used as a stage for the musicians who play live during the performances.

On Central Plaza the Disney's Spring Promenade show ( every day except Mondays and Tuesdays ) is experienced differently by visitors depending where they stand. Central Plaza allows dancers to turn all around it, and the choreography appear more dynamic. Indeed 4 groups of dancers and sweeps make the same show at different locations of the Plaza. All characters without exception are visible by all guests as they march in the same loop. The fast choreography paying tribute to Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary brings a sparkling fresh air full of joy with colorful costumes.


On the first video below you'll see the Disney's Spring Promenade show as seen from  Central Plaza - Main Street side.

On the second video below you'll see the Disney's Spring Promenade show as seen from the Castle side.

More pictures with the show as seen from the Castle Stage where are the musicians and the arrival of Mary Poppins and Bert.

Let's have a look now at the show as seen from the side of the Castle Stage which is a totally different configuration. This part of the park don't allows a loop and the dancers can't turn as they can on Central Plaza. Also, the Castle stage allows to have an orchestra more important than the band on the train on Central Plaza but also to find four more dancers as well as Clarabelle.

On this side, although the dances dynamic is slightly lower, it is largely counterbalanced by the absence of hole that can be noticed on the show on Central Plaza. In addition, the orchestra sound is much better than on Central Plaza ( music lover place yourself here ).

And that's it for this special report about Disneyland Paris "Swing into Spring" but starting tomorrow don't miss the fantastic surprise that i have for you in tribute to DLP 22nd Anniversary! And it's a surprise with so many pictures that i had to divide it in five parts article!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan

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