Sunday, April 13, 2014

D&M Exclusive : Disneyland Paris 1992 Grand Opening Report - Part Five By Michael Sandstrom

In this final article of Michael Sandstrom fantastic report on Disneyland Paris Grand Opening, Michael share with us some pictures of some Opening Day items as well as new pictures when he went back in the park in 1994.

Michael Sandstrom:

Here is some fun stuff from EuroDisney's opening. On the top, the back of the very early brochure. Below: I made sure to collect several opening guides, in all the languages!

Opening Day entertainment program.

Pre-opening bag with early logo.

 This bag represents the look though for most of the souvenirs items available at opening, including the bags. It was very prevalent.

This is just fun and unusual artwork, from a coloring book for kids ( like me! ) while dining at the BlueLagoon, crayons in matching box.

Remember, none of these EuroDisneyland logos would last very long before being all changed to "Disneyland Paris". I love the ones with a globe as the "O". (Hello, retro merchandise department please ).

This was my favorite item. An easy trick you still don't see too much......write your message on the back of the card, then break apart the puzzle pieces and mail inside the envelope, so that it has to be completed to read. Great image too. 

This copy of the first wall map is still folded in its original sealed plastic! It shows "future" Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast attractions.

 The cover of the special issue of Connaissance des Arts Magazine shows off a colorful new Small World to a sophisticated world culture.

Here is my EuroDisney Opening report article which was posted when i came back in FantasyLine in the July - August issue. 


I went back at the park in 1994 and when works had started on Discoveryland's Space Mountain but, first, here are some shots of the still young Adventureland from 1994.

...when much experimentations was required from the landscapers at EuroDisney... as Paris is not a native habitat for palm trees!

We will end this report with these rare pictures of the early works on "Discovery Mountain" in Discoveryland... as this version of Space Mountain was still to be called at this time ( before being changed just prior to opening ).

Of course "Le voyage de la Terre à la Lune" was  to be as spectacular as the park it enhanced!

I hope you all enjoyed my Disneyland Paris Opening Day pictorial report! It's been a pleasure to share this unique time from a special place!

Again, i think we all must thanks a lot Michael to have share with us these rare pictures which were a true voyage back in time at Disneyland Paris early days! 

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Pictures: copyright Michael Sandstrom, Disney

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