Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Official : WDS Ratatouille Ride Will open on July 10 ! Plus: Awesome WDI Video Showing Ride Inside Decor !

It's official, the highly awaited WDS Ratatouille ride will open on July 10. The "Chez Remy" restaurant, close to the attraction, will also open on July 10. No news for now if soft-openings will happen before July 10 ( probably ) but i will let you know.

But there is more as DLP released this great Video showing for the first time the inside of the ride with stunning views of the gigantic decors that await WDS guests. I remind you that riders are supposed to be reduced at the size of a rat, and move in a kitchen, so this explain why everything has to be huge from oranges to cheese or hams, etc... The attraction will have a trackless ride system and in addition to these huge decors each scene will have 3D immersive 3D projections ( like in the Spiderman or Transformers ride ). The ride will include too cold / heat / scents effects depending of the scenes.

On most of the shots of the video you'll see Imagineers, painters, sculptors... giving the final touch on each set and i did HD screen captures of the most interesting shots for you. Click on each to see them in big size!

Let's start with shots showing painters working on what seems to be Paris rooftops. Note: In the background of the second picture below you can see the loading / unloading platform as the start of the ride happen on Paris rooftops.

The video then shows decors of giant food which most probably are part of the scene inside the restaurant storeroom... 

Others sequences shows the arrival of giant kitchen props...

And this next picture shows what is most probably a giant wheel of the on wheels table for a scene of the ride supposed to happen under it.

A last picture with this shot of the moment they have fixed the Gusteau's sign.

If there is a logic somewhere these shots of the awesome decors of the ride should help those of you who still had some doubts to be sure that the Ratatouille ride is going to be a real E-Ticket attraction which for sure will become an instant classic!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney, Max Fan


Anonymous said...

I think that this attraction will be amazing!
However, I wonder whether the vehicles will have a motion base.
If Im correct, Mystic Manor does not have a motion base. But since you are sitting on some kind of sofa, it works for that attraction.
In the Ratatouille ride however you are transported by a rat. So if the ride does not have a motion base that recreates some of the rat's movements, it could really diminish the experience.
Please correct me if my assumptions are wrong!

Jaber said...

very interesting, can't wait, thanks for sharing.
I'm sure the vehicles are like the ones in Mystic Manor

Brian said...

From what I can tell, the ride vehicles themselves will pull onto motion bases in several of the projected scenes. The entire floor will act as a motion base with the vehicle 'parked' on top. A similar effect is used in Hunny Hunt when the vehicles bounce with Tigger.