Saturday, April 19, 2014

DLP Update : Spiderman Arrives at WDS Backlot, Ratatouille Ride Update, and more

Here we go for the second part of this DLP update, this time it'll be all about the WDS with great pictures thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

We'll see the latest pictures of the works on the Ratatouille site but first let's make a stop at WDS Backlot as Spiderman arrived this saturday morning in a new photo location specially built for him. You'll find it near the Blockbuster Cafe and very unfortunately it seems that this is a temporary photo location, only until July 14. Why not at least all summer season ?!? Don't ask me why...

Plenty of guests were there this morning to meet Spidey as you will see on the pictures below and the waiting time even reached 80 minutes (!)

Anyway, once they arrive at the entrance WDS guests are waiting in a themed hallway with giant Daily Bugle front pages, in different languages... as DLP have guests from all over Europe.

...and there he is, Spiderman! Families can join Spidey "inside" the Daily Bugle decor and, according to Max, Spiderman costume is very well done. The picture is then shot by a DLP photographer to make it look like a Daily Bugle front page. Below, some pictures of Spidey "alone" in the Daily Bugle decor.

And, yes, Max has filmed a video of Spiderman in "action" for you, and here it is.

Let's move to the Ratatouille area to have now a look at what's new since last time, thanks to fresh pictures shot by Max this morning... so it couldn't be more "fresh"! Also, i suppose you didn't missed this week DLP official announcement saying that the Ratatouille ride opening date - as well as the "Chez Remy" restaurant - will be on July 10. A great video showing the huge sets and props inside the ride was also released and, for those of you who missed it, i post it again below. The previous article also included HD screen captures and you can see the whole thing HERE.

As you'll see on the pictures below, new trees have been introduced on the Ratatouille plaza, including in front of the ride entrance.

Fast Pass Tickets signs as well as those which will indicate the waiting time are now in place.

The fountain at the center of the plaza should be finished soon!

Note the curtains who have been installed behind the windows, a nice detail to give the illusion that people are living inside!

You'll note also the cobblestones still waiting to be put in place...

If you've not seen yet the great WDI video showing the sets inside the Ratatouille ride, here it is.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome


Jones said...

From the makers of the Rock´n´Roller Coaster Sign comes ... yes, another huge, cheap looking attraction sign that flies in the face of every bit of theming around it... Did nobody at WDI learn anything from the people who created the tiny and thus great signs for, say, Phantom Manor?

Tom said...

I agree, the whole environment looks so great, but the sign is as ugly as can be... :(

I hope Imagineering sees it and can change it, but I doubt that.

Bartattack said...

Add another vote from me for ugly sign. Is this the best they could come up with? It just doesn't fit the otherwise great theming of the rest of the buildings and environment.