Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disney California Adventure Little Mermaid Ride Upgraded With New Black Light Lighting for "Under the Sea" Scene !

The Little Mermaid ride at Disney California Adventure had an upgrade and the whole "Under the Sea" scene has been given the awaited black light lighting treatment. The previous lighting that was in place since the opening has now been darkened, and a few more fish characters were added here and there along the ride. I, personally, think that the black light lighting is much better to give to the guests the feeling they're "under the sea".  You can check by yourself the differences thanks to the two videos below.

This first one shot a few days ago by SoCal Attractions 360 will show you the new lighting as well as a few additions here and there.

And if you want to see how the lighting was before in the "Under the Sea" scene, here is a video filmed in May 2012 by SoCal theme Parks 360.

Picture: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Indeed. The ride at California Adventure reopened from a long refurbishment this past weekend and it's now better than ever!
Here is a list of all of the enhancements;

More sea creatures were added throughout the ride, a view of King Triton's castle was added, the "under the sea" scene has been given a blacklight treatment, and in the "Kiss the Girl" and "Finale" scenes, Ariel and Eric's sculpted hair has been replaced with real hair.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Thanks for the info anonymous, but where is the view of King Triton's castle?

Anonymous said...

I've loved this ride since the first day it opened, and these new changes make it even better.

Marco, King Triton's castle is in that hallway with the fish between the Part of Your World scene and the Under the Sea scene. This video, unfortunately, doesn't do an excellent job at showing it.