Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Michael is Back, at His Best !

I don't know if you have listen to Xscape, the new album of Michael Jackson, but you should, as it is really really good, probably the best one i've heard since a looong time, and reviews are excellent. Xscape include eight never-released-before-songs and new arrangements by Timbaland, John McClain, Stargate, and Rodney Jerkins. 

There is two versions available on iTunes, one at $6.99 and the other at $16.99 which i recommend as it also include the original versions of each songs, without the new ( and excellent ) arrangements, and others special features. Listen particularly to "Love never felt so good", "Xscape", "Loving you", etc... 

"Love never felt so good" produced by Timbaland is gonna be a huge hit, believe me, and the Deluxe version include two versions of it, and even three as you'll find the original version, the new one with Timbaland arrangements and one in duet with Justin Timberlake  - see video below.

To release a new album after you've passed away is already not given to anyone, but to release an excellent one is almost a miracle.

Picture and video: copyright Sony Records

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Jones said...

I would recommend neither of the i-tunes versions - the 2 disc edition (cd,incl. original versions, plus dvd) is available for less than 13 Euros).